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Top 5 Ayurvedic benefits of Hibiscus flower

Hibiscus flower
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Flowers; these are found in different shapes, colours, fragrance and types. Flowers are the most beautiful parts of the plant.
They are so beautiful and attractive which is liked by all; humans, animals, birds, insects everyone. We will discuss the Ayurvedic benefits of Hibiscus flower in this post.

Flowers are a medium to convey emotions like; sorrow, grief, happiness, love, care and affections! Flowers are the gorgeous creations of nature; which is really fabulous. These play a vital role in the decoration of marriage, parties and some other auspicious occasions.

Many of us can’t even think; these beautiful creations have hidden a wide range of medicinal values in it. What are flowers? Simply, these are the parts of our nature; and as we know every natural creation has some unique values in it.

Here we will be learning about the Ayurvedic and medicinal values of Hibiscus plant. Ayurveda explains a wide array of natural substances. It will be good enough if certain diseases get cured using these natural substances! Although, none of us likes to be bounded with medicines. Isn’t it!


As roses, Hibiscus flowers are also found in different colours. They lack fragrance but are very beautiful. Due to its natural beauty, elegance, bell-shaped structure and charming look; these plants are grown in pots in houses, temples, parks, gardens and many other places.

It is an evergreen plant which is approximately 5-9 ft in height. It has strong branches and trunk. The leaves are dark green, shiny, smooth and oval-shaped. This plant does not bear any fruit; the flowers are found in different shades; out of which white and red ones are much beneficial.

Ayurvedic benefits of Hibiscus flower
Hibiscus plant

Scientific names and Nomeclature

Hibiscus belongs to kingdom Plantae and Malvaceae family. Its binomial name is Hibiscus rosa-sinensis which is Latin in origin. In English, it is called; Shoe flower or China rose. Its Hindi name is Gurhal.

Hibiscus flowers
Different types of hibiscus

Ayurvedic properties of the flower

Ayurveda believes to cure the ailment using natural substances; these are much efficient, free from side-effects and affordable. Hibiscus flowers are rich in Iron, phosphorus, calcium, riboflavin, thiamine, niacin etc. It also contains Vitamin C and carotene in small amounts.

Firstly, it is good for pitta kind of diseases. It is very useful to correct hereditary disorders. The wholesome plant is usable; its flowers, leaves, roots, stem, bark all. Now, let us move to the medicinal benefits of Hibiscus.

Medicinal benefits

Medicine is a substance which is able to cure certain types of ailments and disorders. Every natural substance has some medicinal values in it. Hibiscus plant has a wide range of medicinal values in it. Many of us aware of these facts, so let’s have a look on these-


1. Good for Alopecia

Alopecia; also known as baldness or hair baldness is one of the concerned problems for today’s youth. Well, hair baldness has many reasons; but many of them are still unknown. In this, hair fall is very high and patches appear on the scalp which looks very bad.

For the treatment, take 6-8 leaves of hibiscus and grind it. Apply it on head and scalp; leave for 3 hours and wash with lukewarm water. Repeat this twice a week. It provides nourishment to the scalp and helps in hair growth.

Mix equal quantities of flower’s juice with olive oil. Cook in the fire till only oil is left. Store it in a bottle and apply on the roots twice or thrice a week. This ensures you with shiny, gorgeous, beautiful and healthier hairs. This is the reason why most of the hair products contain the extract of hibiscus in it!



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