10 Health benefits of Cucumber

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There are many vegetables and fruits which are known as alternatives to water. They contain the maximum amount of water thus known as ‘watery fruits’. As we know, water is a universal solvent which is important for all living beings. One can stay without food for fewer days, but when it comes about water; the survival becomes really tough. Here, we will be talking about a watery fruit cum vegetable called “cucumber”. When you munch it, you will feel as your mouth is filled with some watery pulp.

Appearance of Cucumber

Health benefits of Cucumber
Health benefits of Cucumber

The cucumber is a very popular and widely cultivated vegetable in India. It is found in many varieties with different textures, sizes and colours. Some also resemble some thorny points on its peel. Its colour varies from whitish-green to dark green; not only the external appearance but its inner pulp also varies many times. It is a creeping vine which bears cylindrical fruits.

Some pulp is less watery whereas some are highly watery; with elongated or small seeds. It turns into orange, yellow or brownish-yellow when it matures. Its size also varies from 8 to 30 cm and above. The best cucumber to be used is fresh, light green, little thin, regular in shape and firm.

Origin and Distribution of Cucumber

Cucumber is grown all over India. It is a climber plant which bears yellowish flower which later develops into fruit. The cucumber is originally from Southern Asia but now grown in different continents. Many varieties of cucumber is also used on the global market as Trade. It was also known to ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans and was available in China in the 6th century A.D.

Developing cucumber on  plant
Developing cucumber on plant

Nomenclature of Cucumber

English name– Cucumber
Hindi name– Kheera
Kingdom- Plantae
Family name– Cucurbitaceae
Botanical name– Curcumis sativas

Nutrition in Cucumber

Firstly, cucumber holds 90-95% of the water in it, thus it is highly recommended during summers. Following are some of the nutrients which are widely found in Cucumber-

Food Value of Cucumber

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Vitamins and Minerals found in Cucumber

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Uses of Cucumber

Healthy Cucumber Salad
Healthy Cucumber Salad

Cucumber is widely used in many types; some of them are listed below-

  • Slices of cucumber are widely used in salad dressing included with beetroot, carrot, onion, tomato etc.
  • A kind of curry items called ‘kheere ki sabzi’ is prepared with cucumber.
  • The juice of cucumber is widely used due to its cooling effect.
  • Cucumber is a major ingredient used to Prepare Flat Tummy Water.
  • Cucumber is a well-known natural cosmetic item.

Now, we will be moving to one of the most important concerned topic called ‘Health benefits’. We will be describing 10 health benefits of Cucumber here.

10 Health Benefits of Cucumber

1.  As a Beauty aid

  • Cucumber is a well-known beauty product, the pulp of cucumber is used as a face pack.
  • It revitalize your skin making it look fresh and healthy.
  • The juice of cucumber is also used to apply on burns and inflamed parts.
  • Grated cucumber applied over, face, eyes and neck for 15-20 minutes has been found effective as a beauty aid and a best tonic for your skin.
  • The regular use of cucumber prevents pimples, blackheads and wrinkles.
  • When mixed with lettuce, carrot and spinach juice; this cucumber enables the property of hair growth.

2. Cures Skin Eruptions

  • If any kind of skin eruptions, opt the procedure given below.
  • Add equal amounts of lettuce and cucumber juice.
  • Apply on the affected areas. It cures boils and other disorders.
  • Addition of alfalfa juice in some cases can help to speed up their efficacy.

3. Cures Cholera

  • In cholera, a feeling of thirst arises very severely. In this cucumber will work really well.
  • A glassful of fresh juice of cucumber leaves; with tender coconut water should be given one or two ounces every hour.
  • It is a medicine for excessive thirst during cholera.
  • It also restores electrolyte liquid balance in Cholera.

4. Helpful in Arthritis

  • Cucumber is good to cure the pain of arthritis; especially for rheumatoid types.
  • Make a juice of cucumber, beets and celery.
  • It reduces the accumulation of uric acid; thus a very helpful remedy for disorders like arthritis, gout etc.

5. Helps to reduce weight

  • Being low in calories and fat content, cucumber is a very good thing to reduce weight.
  • Cucumber is rich in dietary fibres and antioxidants.
  • One should drink Flat Tummy Water daily; induced with cucumber to reduce weight and to get a perfect body.
  • Cucumber is an edible which can be easily eaten as salads; include it in your daily diet in the raw form.

6. Freshen your Breath

  • Cucumber is the best thing to cure problems like Halitosis.
  • Placing a cucumber slice on the roof of your mouth may help to rid your mouth of odour-causing bacteria.
  • According to the principles of Ayurveda, eating cucumbers may also help to release excess heat in your stomach, which is said to be a primary cause of bad breath.

7. Aids in Urinary disorder

  • Seeds of Cucumber are rich in potassium.
  • Emulsion of the shelled seeds has been found highly beneficial in the burning sensation in urinary calculi or stone disorders.
  • Emulsion of shelled seeds mixed with curd is useful in dissolving the gravel in the urinary tract.
  • It also reduces hyper-acidity in the urine.

8. Helpful in Digestion

  • Cucumber is a light food which is not only easy-digestible but also keeps your digestive system fit.
  • As it is rich in Vitamins, minerals and fibres; thus a very good thing for digestion.
  • During summers, one should include cucumber in daily diet.
  • It is highly beneficial.

9. Manages Stress

  • Cucumbers contain multiple vitamins, including Vitamin B1, Vitamin B5, and Vitamin B7 (biotin)
  • Vitamin B is known to help ease feelings of anxiety and buffer some of the damaging effects of stress.

10. Heals Stomach ailments

  • As a fact, most of the diseases occur from the stomach only.
  • Now, you can uproot all the disorders just by keeping your stomach fit.
  • The juice of cucumber is very good to cure and prevent gastric and duodenal ulcers, acidity, heartburnings, constipation etc.
  • It should be taken in doses of 4-6 ounces every two hours.
  • It gives immediate relief; in burning sensation in the stomach.

Cucumber is a small edible; can be said vegetable cum fruit but is highly beneficial. These also come under Raw foods which are supposed to be included in daily diet. So, take care and live well!

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