Benefits of Eating Banana Daily

benefits of eating banana
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Banana is an inexpensive fruit that has extensive incredible health benefits. This fruit is available worldwide. Bananas have several attributes. However, this simple fruit with yellow peel and white body has amazing health benefits. Research says that eating a banana daily can prevent heart attacks and strokes. Banana is used ripe and raw in both forms. You can use ripe bananas in many desserts, cakes, smoothies, and directly you can peel and eat it too. With raw bananas, you can make many recipes like koftas, curry, kebabs, fried items, etc. This is a kick-start fruit to start your day.

health benefits of banana

Benefits of eating Banana

Bananas have many health benefits Bananas are a powerhouse of nutrients.

  • It is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, vitamin B. These nutrients help in proper body functioning and keep your body healthy.
  • It also helps to boost your mood.
  • They are loaded with powerful antioxidants: They contain dopamine and catechins which help to reduce the risks of heart disease and illness.
  • This fruit helps in controlling blood pressure. Bananas are low in salt and high in potassium content which is essential for controlling blood pressure.

Improves Kidney health

Banana helps you to improve your kidney health. As this fruit is a good dietary source of potassium so it is beneficial for maintaining kidney health. They are a good source of vitamin C as well. One whole banana will provide you with enough content of vitamin C in your daily intake. Vitamin C helps you to protect your cell and tissue from damage.

Friend for your brain

It supports brain health and much more. Banana provides your instant source of energy because of its easily digestible natural sugar content. It improves your energy level instantly after a heavy workout. Banana helps in building muscle as it contains magnesium which helps in increasing lean mass, relaxation of muscle, and its potassium content helps to strengthen it.

Good for your skin

This fruit is a good friend of your skin. The manganese content helps to develop collagen in the skin. One medium-sized banana has about 13% manganese content. You can make a banana face mask and apply it to your skin.

Improves Digestion

Banana helps to improve your digestive health. The dietary fiber helps indigestion. A medium-sized banana has 5 grams of fiber content. This fruit contains pectin which helps to ripe the banana and we found resistant starch in unripe banana which is beneficial for bacteria in our gut that escapes digestion in our large intestine.

Good for heart

It improves heart health and can lower the risk of cardiovascular and coronary heart disease.

Fights Anemia

Banana helps in fighting anemia. The iron content in bananas helps to get rid of anemia. Anemia leads to fatigue, shortness of breath and you look pale because this is such a condition where there is a decrease in RBC(red blood cells)and hemoglobin in the blood.

Bananas are considered a superfood for their nutrients.

Helps in weight loss

Bananas may help you with weight loss. They have relatively low calories. An average banana has 100 calories. It helps in reducing your body weight in your weight loss journey. Unripe bananas help to reduce your appetite too, so you eat less. Bananas have soluble and insoluble high fiber content. The soluble fibers help to slow down digestion and keep you feeling full for a long time.

Maintains Blood Sugar

Bananas help in maintaining blood sugar levels. As we know, banana has pectin and resistant starch, so these two contents help to moderate blood sugar levels and it has low sodium content which does not spike the blood sugar level. But Type 2 diabetes may not be beneficial, ask your doctor before consuming it.

Let’s see some risks of consuming banana as well

This superfood is not free from risks. Because too much potassium can be harmful to those who are not too strong in kidney function. It can be fatal if your kidney is unable to process potassium content. People who experience migraine and headaches are advised to eat only half a banana in a day. Don’t eat too many bananas. Taking high fiber content may lead to gastric problems and bloating.

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