Scientific benefits of traditional Diwali ingredients

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Few days back it was Diwali festival which is also known as ‘Festival of Lights’. Every year this very festival falls on the day of Amavasya which is ‘no moon’. But due to flickering of lights and diyas; the whole surrounding looks like the day of ‘full moon’. You must have observed, on the occasion of festive season; may people prefer to put ‘toran‘ on their entrance gate; which is characterized by marigold flowers, mango leaves, lotus, banana leaves etc.

It is believed that all these things brings luck and fortune to one house. In India, this tradition is followed by all. Making rangoli, decorating home with flowers, lighting up earthen lamps, preparation of dessert items etc all are seen in this festival. We are not here to abuse these tradition, its is just a simple thing to conclude the scientific reasons behind these.

Happy Diwali decoration
Happy Diwali decoration

India is a land of culture and worshipping. Here, every festival of any religion is provided equal importance. That is why our India is known as a ‘secular nation’. Following all these traditions, doesn’t shows our backwardness or superstitious look; every followed culture has some scientific aspects behind it which always does good to the mankind. Here we will be describing about those things which are commonly seen during Diwali festival and its scientific beliefs as well as benefits.

In the present era, some artificial things such as crackers and twinkling lights has been added to the festival. In that, crackers are considered as the worst one which emits lots of smoke and fumes which is not good at all for our lives as well as for the atmosphere too. That is why, now-a-days a slogan has been put “Say no to Crackers”.

Following are the traditional items used in Diwali and its scientific benefits-

1. Marigold Flowers-

Marigold flower for decoration
Marigold flower for decoration

Yellow and orange marigold flowers are widely used to adorn the festival and to make it look good. In India, marigold flowers are commonly used in almost all the festivals such as Diwali, Dussera and many more. On the entrance gates, garlands made of Marigold is very common. There are various scientific aspects for its usage, it has numerous scientific benefits some of them are listed below;

  • Marigold flower is very effective to keep away mosquitoes and other harmful insects.
  • The fragrance of the marigold is the best thing to keep away stress and anxiety.
  • You will observe as you put these flowers on your gate and wall places; on that places there will be less arrival of spiders.

2. Mango leaves-

Mango leaves as Toran
Mango leaves as Toran

Mango leaves are one of most important ingredient for the Diwali festival. The leaves as well as the bunches of leaves are commonly hanged on the door of home, temples and other sacred places. Not only this, mango leaves are also used in worshipping procedure. There must be some benefits before practising it; must be some scientific reasons and health benefits. Following are the scientific benefits of using mango leaves as a toran.

  • Green leaves of mango helps to absorb carbon dioxide and releases oxygen; thus a good way of purifying your environment.
  • The colour green also has a soothing and refreshing effect to one’s mind.
  • The leaves of mango also helps to keep away micro-organisms and insects from your house.
  • These are rich in anti bacterial and antiseptic properties; thus keeping g away all  kinds of ailments and hazards from the place.

3. Earthen lamps with Ghee-

Diwali Diya
Diwali Diya

During the festive season of Diwali, it is a ritual to lit earthen lamps followed by Ghee. It not only enlighten your surroundings but also make the place full of energy and auspiciousness. Now-a-days, instead of Ghee people are here to prefer mustard oil. But, as a fact; on the very day of Diwali; earthen lamps with ghee. You must also be getting surprised, why people prefer earthen lamps instead of lamps made of other metals. It has its own value and several scientific reasons. Some of them are listed below-

  • Diyas made of earth signifies immortality, universal energy and power.
  • It also keeps away maladies and negative energies out from the place.
  • It is the way of driving away ignorance and evil from the place.
  • Ghee is one of the best thing use for lighting earthen lamps; after getting burnt, ghee releases lots of oxygen which purifies the surroundings.
  • It symbolises truth and winning of truth over the evil.

So, in this way we saw the benefits of using certain materials during Diwali. All of them are mend with scientific benefits as well as goodness. It is good to have a thought to know the fact, but many also tries to abuse the religion as well as the tradition. Guys, don’t be a part of this. Go well and live happily!

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