Are you taking Methi correctly to fight diabetes?

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Methi or Fenugreek is one of the best known herb known to fight diabetes. Many person takes it, but are you taking it in correct way that gives maximum benefits.

There is a common complaint of many diabetics that- we take it as remedy but it is not giving optimal benefits. This can be because you may not be taking it in correctly.

Nature has offered us a wide range of herbs and plants, that has the power to cure even the deadly disease. Similarly this spice cum edible is same as those. It is a kitchen ingredient and majorly used in Indian cooking. It has a pungent bitter flavor which is actually required in many food items.

For diabetics it is the boon! It has all the macro and micro nutrients which helps to keep diabetes in bay and balance the sugar level in blood.

Uses of Methi:

Soaked Methi for diabetes cure
Soaked Methi
  1. During winters, a type of laddu is prepared using Methi called ‘Methi ke laddu’ which has immense medicinal properties and keeps the seasonal infections away.
  2. Many people also have sprouted methi to boost immunity as well as to fight diabetes and cholesterol problems.
  3. Being bitter ad pungent, it is like a natural fat cutter. It melts extra fat in your body keeping it fit and healthy.
  4. It is used as the ‘tadka’ ingredient in curries and other.
  5. The leaves of Methi also called fenugreek leaves are also in cooking like, ‘methi ke parathe’, ‘kasuri methi’ and so on.

Now we shall be talking how to take Fenugreek correctly in order to keep diabetes in bay!

How to take Methi for Diabetes cure?

The correct way to consume fenugreek is chewing and swallowing it. Majority of people take it in powdered form with water. Of course it too works, but lesser than in chewing form.

You must be thinking, ‘Yikes, it will taste so bitter!’ Of course it will but the outcomes will be the best than you have thought.

Scientific reason behind chewing benefits of Methi:

diabetes checkup
diabetes checkup

When we chew Fenugreek, just in a second a huge amount of saliva (ptylin) in aroused from the salivary glands.  It in nothing but an enzyme which helps in digestion process.

being mixed with chewed one, it enters into the stomach thus the wholesome benefits of chewing fenugreek is absorbed by the body.

When we take the same fenugreek in the powdered form, no saliva is produced which minimizes the benefits.

Things you should know before taking Fenugreek:

  • ‘Excess of everything is bad’. Don’t take it in huge quantity otherwise it can alter the cure. 1 teaspoon of soaked methi can be taken twice to thrice a week.
  • It you feel burning sensation in urine after taking, then understand it has extreme the pitta. Minimize ts usage a visit some Ayurveda physician.
  • It you are pitta person and mostly feel heart burning, acidity and such then better consult an Ayurveda physician before taking it.

Methi works really good for diabetics. It helps to balance the blood sugar and keep it normal. Hope the post was useful for all. Share this in all the social medias and do share your experiences with us.


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