How to get rid of Hernia – Brief overview


The journey that led to healing of hernia naturally

A condition in which the stomach is pushed up an opening in the diagram through the hiatus is called hiatal hernia. For most people, this condition comes without any symptoms but for others, it comes with pain and discomfort because of heartburn and other acid-related conditions. A hiatal hernia and its symptoms can be managed and treated in a natural way through medications and lifestyle changes.

Diet is one of the best and most important changes. Trigger foods which would increase heartburn and pain should be totally abandoned from the diet and low acid food choices should be added instead. However, only dietary changes are not enough to reduce the symptoms and heal the ailment.

How to get rid of Hernia

A few ways that let you know how to get rid of a hernia are as follows

1) Doing exercise-It is a cliche but exercising is one important thing to do for the maintenance of overall good health. To heal the symptoms of hiatal hernia exercises help and emphasis should be given on exercises that help to strengthen the stomach muscles which you will need to that according to your own body limits. Yoga comes as a great relief for a hiatal hernia and is highly recommended because it gives a dual effect on this ailment. Apart from giving strength to the stomach, it relieves you from stress too. Stress is one very common symptom to aggravate a hiatal hernia. Yoga and exercising are the best natural ways to treat a hiatal hernia.

2) Herbal tea– Normal tea is not recommended as a part of the diet for people suffering from a hiatal hernia as it is acidic in nature and triggers the hernia symptoms. However herbal tea is said to bring relief to people suffering from a hiatal hernia. The Herbs are brewed into a tea which has medicinal properties. Slippery elm is a herb when consumed in form of tea increases healthy mucus coating. Chamomile helps in reducing painful inflammation. It is not important that the herbal tea would help everyone but it decreases the symptoms of a hernia.

3) Sipping water– When a patient is suffering from persistent abdominal discomfort because of a hiatal hernia, taking small sips of water at room temperature helps considerably. It may sound funny but yes consuming water does naturally help to ease the discomfort caused because of a hiatal hernia. Water is one of the most important ingredients of hiatal hernia diet as it helps to keep the body hydrated resulting in decreased hernia symptoms.

4) Acupuncture treatment– Acupuncture treatment does not directly benefit people suffering from a hiatal hernia. It helps totally in decreasing the stress of the patient stress which is supposed to be one major trigger symptom of the ailment. Acupuncture is not accepted medically but the needle therapy does have the ability to reduce stress and anxiety which directly or indirectly lowers the hernia symptoms.

Not all hernia natural treatments need to be followed. It is up to the patient and what suits him and accordingly uses these natural remedies to cure the symptoms of a hernia.

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