8 Things that we think as Superstitions but are actually not

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In India there are lots of cultural practices, many of us even name them as superstitions. Those cultures made by our ancestors were wholly based on scientific tactics. Today we will be telling you 8 things or practices that we think as superstitions but are actually scientifically mended.

Superstitions means ‘andhviswas‘. Anything that you practice without any scientific evidence or meaning, are simply named as andhviswas.

In many places, people makes common norms scare of it and tries to take huge money from them. But, what we always term as superstitious is not right!

Many time, it could be scientific and we are not known of that.

Let us move to those common 8Ā  practices, that makes us think as superstitions but are not actually.

8 Superstitions looks superstitious but is scientific:

1. Putting Lemon and chilli at entrance-

nimbu mirchi on entrance
nimbu mirchi on entrance

You must have noticed, many people likes to hang lemon and chilli at their entrance gate. We say it as a gadget that ward off evil spirits and negative energies.

According to science, both the ingredients contain citric acid in it which doesn’t let any kind of insect or flu enter your home. So what is it; superstition or advancement.

2. Avoid cutting nails at evening-

cutting nails
cutting nails

It is said by elders, not to cut your nails at evening or night. We believe, as it invites ghosts and bad luck. This thing was mend according to some scientific reasons.

Earlier, there were no correct source of electricity and at evening it was all dark. Also people of that time used sharp objects as nail cutter. Thus to avoid any injury, they advised not to cut nails in dark.

3. Ringing Bells at temple-

temple bells
temple bells

It is an age-old tradition, that people ring bells in temples or at worship places. Many says it makes Gods get happy. Yes, God gets happy so that they gift you good health šŸ˜‰

Mostly the bells are made of copper. Ringing copper metals energizes your inner mind and also kills all sorts of microorganisms, present in your surroundings.

4. Eating curd when going out-

curd for luck
curd for luck

In India, lots of people practice this. While going out or for some important works, they believe having curd with sugar makes you way and attracts successes.

Actually, this tradition also has some scientific logic in it. Intake of curd forms glucose in body, which keeps you hydrated for longer time. It also balances your body temperature, in changing climates for a healthy being.

5. Staying at home in Solar eclipse-

solar eclipse
solar eclipse

It is a common thinking, while solar eclipse one should stay at home. People connects it with bad fate and health problems. The scientific reason behind it is, gazing solar eclipse with bare eyes can damage your eyesight and also arises several dermal problems.

6. Wearing Toe rings-

toe ring
toe ring

In Indian culture, toe rings are wore by married women. It is said as toe rings are the sign of marriage and are known for the long life of hubby.

According to science, wearing toe ring strengthens the reproductive system and organs of the female which has a very goodĀ  effect in health.

7. Crushing snake’s head after killing it-

snakes head
snakes head

You must have seen in Hindi movies, after killing the snake one crushes the head. It is said, the killer’s face gets printed on snake’s eyes.

It is not true actually! Even after dying, the snake’s poison has the same poisonous effect. In order to destroy that poison, it is important to crush the head.

8. Avoiding hair wash on Tuesday and Saturday-

hair wash
hair wash

It is a very common saying, not to wash your hairs on Tuesday and Saturday. It is said hairwash on these two days, remarks the starting of bad luck.

The scientific logic behind it is something else. In olden days, people used to store water for bathing and cleaning purposes. In order to reduce extra wastage of water and save it, people made these two days not good for hair wash.

In this way we saw how our science is involved in every tradition. We are the only who term it as backwardness or superstitions. Include these in your life, afterall anything advised by the ancestors, cannot be lossless.

Hope you like the post. Share it to all and do not forget to leave a comment here. Stay healthy and live well!

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