Fat to fit health tips

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fat to fit
fat to fit

Some important points to remember before starting 

  • If your weight starts increasing after the age of 20, then this is mostly due to fat accumulation.
  • If your weight is 10 kg more than the standard weight prescribed for your Age and Height, then you are obese and if you are 20 kg more than you are Overweight.
  • By standing before the mirror undressed, you can figure out the areas to give attention for.
  • Look for in which area there is fat accumulation more as compared to other areas. You have to work to reduce fat in those areas first.

The benefit of reducing fats and going from fat to fit

  • First and foremost benefit is an increase in self-esteem.
  • Reduction in the risk of developing a harmful disease like high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, etc
  • Due to a reduction in fat, the menses are regularised in women and chances of getting pregnant increases in women who were not able to conceive so far.
  • Lifespan increases significantly.
  • One tends to follow a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle henceforth due to the positive results they achieved.

  Consequences of Obesity or fattiness

  • Obesity is the mother of all illness; it interferes with all the day today functions of the body.
  • Tissues and muscles of obese persons are loose and weak.
  • Joints and bones of an obese person start to become weak and fragile disintegrate from a very young age. For osteoarthritis of knees In Female, doctors suggest reducing weight as the first measure.
  • Arteries and veins of an obese person become narrow and stiff which leads to blood pressure, heart pain and heart attack.
  • Indigestion is a Common problem in obese people than in normal people.
  • Obesity and Diabetes walk hand in hand and this is clinically proven.
  • Important of all- obese person suffers in his marital life due to emotionally, mentally, physically problems. This reduces the lifespan of the person considerably.

Reasons for weight/fat gain

  • Eating food more than needed by the body and no or very less physical activity to burn this excess food is the main reason for weight/fat gain.
  • The second reason is hereditary fattiness in some cases.
  • Dysfunction of internal secreting glands is not seen related to any type of weight gain.
  • In case of obese people, the excess food which is not burned gets convert into fats and stored in the body. If there is no physical activity to burn this fat, the fats get accumulated day after day, year after year and then it becomes difficult to lose it by a little exercise.
  • If a child is given more food from his first year, the number of fatty cells goes on increasing year after year and these children turn into obese people in the long run.
  • Consumption of medicines like antidepressants, alcohol and like products which bring sedative effect on the brain is seen to increase the weight.

Corrective measures to stop weight gain

  • Children should be encouraged to eat healthy food like fruits and vegetables instead of feeding them oily, fatty, junk food.
  • Practice minimum intake of carbohydrates.
  • Practice the habit of chewing food properly before swallowing. Some people just try to engulf their food which is then not digested fully and only the fatty content gets absorbed and the vitamins and minerals are not absorbed fully. Food should be chewed at least 32 times before swallowing.
  • The opposite has to be followed with liquid food like juices, water, and soups. Do not Drink your liquid food but sip it allowing proper time between each sip and allowing the saliva to mix with each sip.
  • Keep in mind- you have to drink your solid food and chew your liquid food.
  • Give encouragement to outdoor sports and exercise. Even if you think it’s time-consuming everyone should devote some time of the day for some kind physical activity. Women can do household chores like sweeping or dusting the floor by themselves instead of telling it to the maid/servant.

                 Important Questionnaire to know yourself and your habits: please try to be honest while answering the questions below


  • Why do you want to reduce your weight? ______________
  • Do you think you don’t look beautiful? ______________
  • Do you feel breathless while physical work? ______________
  • Do you have any physical illness? ______________
  • Is being overweight causing other problems to you? What problems  ______________


  • Is there hereditary disease like diabetes, high BP, heart disease in your family? _________


  • How many times do you eat in a day? _______________
  • How many times in a day you eat stomach full? _______________
  • Do you have the habit of eating In between meals? _______________
  • Do you like to eat sweet foods very much? _______________
  • Do you drink alcohol?                                                         _______________


  • Do you eat when nervous? _______________
  • Do you eat more when sad? _______________


  • Are you happy with your life? _______________
  • Did you have a happy and contented childhood? _______________
  • Where you depressed at some point in your life? _______________
  • Are you mentally stressed out now? _______________
  • Are you having stability in your life? _______________


  • Are you on Medication? _______________
  • Do you take medicines which are sedative? _______________
  • Due you take Antidepressants?                 _______________
  • Due you take sleeping pills? _______________

G Only for Men

  • How do you commute to your work place- Walk/by Bus or Train/by own vehicle? _______
  • Do you do sitting job? _______________
  • How many miles do you walk daily? _______________
  • Do you feel tired every day after coming home from work? _______________
  • Do you have any hobbies that keep you physically active? _______________

H Only for Women

  • Are you married? _______________
  • Are you afraid of marital life? _______________
  • Where you of right age during your marriage? _______________
  • Are you happy about your married life? _______________
  • Do you have children? _______________
  • Do you do all your household chores yourself? _______________
  • Do you do grocery shopping for house? _______________


  • What do you think should be your Ideal weight? _______________

Take a printout of this questionnaire so you can refer to it from time to time. Answer to these questions will show you the trigger elements of your weight gain.

Answers to the Questions

A and B shows weight gain due to Physical problems and hereditary.

Q C and D shows weight gain due to your eating habits.

Q E shows obesity due to stress.

Q F shows weight gain due to medicines.

Q G and H shows obesity due to very less or lack of physical activity/exercise

 And answer to the Question I is very important which shows how much you have to reduce to get to your Ideal weight




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