15 Arjuna tree Health benefits you never heard about!

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When you will observe the composition of Ayurvedic medicines, in most of them you will find the extract of Arjuna tree as a medicinal herb. Arjun tree benefits are numerous, we will be describing 15 benefits of arjuna tree which will be useful to everyone.

The appearance of Arjuna/Arjun tree:-

Arjuna trees are approximately 80 ft tall bearing tender green leaves. Arjuna is a large-sized deciduous tree. It is the evergreen tree bearing the yellow flowers and conical leaves. The tree has smooth and grey bark which resembles those of mango trees. It also bears fruits which is 2.5 -3.5 cm long, elongated oval shape, segmented with stripes, fibrous woody, tough with 5 hard wings, striated with numerous curved veins. Beside the middle vein, there are sweet sticky knots. The fruits are seedless too.

Arjuna tree and fruits
Arjuna tree and fruits

Nomenclature of Arjuna tree:-

Chemical composition of Arjuna tree:-

  • The bark of Arjuna tree contains various types of chemicals.
  • It contains 34% of calcium carbonate and other elements including sodium, magnesium, and aluminum.
  • It is astringent in taste.

Now, we shall be moving to our one of the most concerned point which is Health benefits of Arjuna tree also called as Arjun tree. Through this one will know how to use this plant for health purposes. As a fact, raw materials are the base of finished products; but those are valued only if they receive correct use.

15 Health benefits of Arjuna tree(Arjun tree):-

1. Treats Boils in mouth-

  • Take the root of Arjuna tree and make a powder of it.
  • Mix the powder with sesame oil.
  • Now, use this to gargle.
  • It cures mouth disorders including cavity, boils, bleeding, toothache, halitosis and many more.

2. Helpful in Blemishes-

  • It is one of the excellent remedies for Blemishes.
  • Grind its bark and mix with honey.
  • Apply this on face as a face pack.
  • Use this once a week. It treats those unwanted blemishes.

3. Normalizes Heartbeat-

  • When the normal rate of heartbeat increases from 72 to 150, take one glass tomato juice.
  • Add 1 teaspoon of powder of Arjuna bark in it.
  • Give this to the patient regularly.
  • It normalizes the heartbeat.
  • Or, Grind thick bark of Arjuna.
  • Mix 1 teaspoon of this powder in 1 cup of milk after removing the cream.
  • Give this to the patient twice a day.
  • It is beneficial in curing all types of heart disorders.
  • It also strengthens the heart and eradicates the weakness.

4. Treats Bleeding diathesis-

  • Boil 5 gm bark of Arjuna bark in 250 ml cow’s milk and 125 ml water.
  • Boil in a low flame till only the milk is left.
  • After getting cool mix 10 gm sugar candy and give this to the patient every morning.
  • This milk is also beneficial in diarrhea and other bleeding disorders.

5. Treats Metorrhagia-

  • Boil 1 teaspoon powder of Arjuna tree bark in 1 cup of milk till it gets reduced to half.
  • Add a little amount of sugar candy to it.
  • Give this to the patient thrice a day.
  • It cures the disorder.

6. Good for Urinary disorders-

  • Take equal quantities of Arjuna bark, Neem, Indian gooseberry, turmeric and Blue lotus.
  • Grind them all together to form a powder.
  • Take 20 gm of this powder and boil in 400 gm water till water is reduced to 100 ml.
  • Mix honey in this decoction and give this to the patient twice a day.
  • It cures all types of urinary disorders.
  • Take juice of leaves of Arjuna, bael, Jamun and Henna leaves.
  • Prepare a decoction of these ingredients.
  • It will taste sour but cures all types of urinary disorders.

7. For Spermatorrhoea-

  • Prepare a decoction of its bark.
  • Giving this regularly to the patient aids in disorder.

8. Treatment for Leucoderma

  • Arjuna’s bark is a very important ingredient in the treatment of Leucoderma.
  • Mix 1 teaspoon powder of bark in the mixture of cow’s urine, dung and neem juice.
  • Mix well and apply on the white patches.
  • With the regular usage, it treats the disease.

8. Cure for Fracture-

  • Give 1 teaspoon powder of Arjuna bark with a cup of milk.
  • Give this 2-3 times a day for few weeks.
  • It strengthens the bones and aid in recovery.
  • Grind its bark in ghee and apply the paste on the spot of fracture and then cover with a bandage.
  • It helps in joining the bone.

9. Treats Urinary obstruction-

  • Make a decoction of Arjuna’s bark.
  • Give 40 ml decoction once a day.
  • It treats the disease.

10. Cures Oedema-

  • Oedema is mostly seen in kidney diseases.
  • Arjuna tree bark has been proven an excellent remedy for such.
  • Give 1-1 gm powder of its bark twice a day.
  • It causes excessive urination thus aids in the disease.

11. Treats Dyspepsia-

  • Make a powder of Arjuna’s bark.
  • Give 1 teaspoon powder of its bark with jaggery.
  • It cures the disease.

12. Helpful cure in Ulcers-

  • Make a decoction of Arjuna’s bark.
  • Rinse the wounds and ulcers with this.
  • Give 1 teaspoon powder of its root to be taken with milk.
  • It cures the discoloration of the skin around the wounds.

13. Treats Fever-

  • To cure fever, give 40 ml decoction of its roots.
  • Arjun tree cures the fever in a few days.

14. Aids in Indigestion-

  • Take equal quantities of powder of the bark of Arjuna tree root and bark root of gangrene.
  • Give 2 gm of this powder twice a day to the patient followed by milk.
  • It cures the disorders due to acidity.

15. Helpful cure in Dermatoses-

  • Give 1 teaspoon powder of its bark with water.
  • You can also grind its bark in water and apply the paste on the affected area.
  • Also rinse the boils with the decoction of its bark.
  • It cures the disorder in few days.

Guys, nature has gifted us lots of valuable and incomparable gifts. Those are called ‘Nature’. Respect them and see their magic. They are the powerful medicines which will help your not only in diseases but also to lead a healthy life. Take care and live well! 

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