Health Benefits and Role of Curd for Your Health

health benefits of curd

Eating sweet curd before a major event, such as an exam or a job interview, is considered fortunate in India. Curd is a common ingredient in most Indian households. It is made by fermenting milk with a Lactobacillus delbrueckii bacterial culture. Lactic acid is produced by bacterial fermentation, which gives the curd its thick texture. Curd or yogurt is a creamy, tasty dish that is considered one of the healthiest foods in the world due to its numerous health advantages.

health benefits of curd

Amazing health benefits of curd (yogurt)

It boosts your immune system.

Curd is one of the best probiotic foods since it contains live microorganisms that are good for our bodies. Probiotics increase the number of infection-fighting white blood cells in the body. It helps to prevent a variety of infections and boosts overall immunity. The active bacteria in yogurt helps to keep your gut healthy by fighting disease-causing pathogens. Yogurt is high in vitamins and proteins, as well as lactobacillus, which boosts your immune system.

It improves digestion

Curd contains probiotics, which aid in the correct functioning of the digestive system. Because lactose is broken down during the fermentation process, yogurt is easy to digest and can be ingested by lactose-intolerant people.

It strengthens your teeth and bones.

Curd, which is high in phosphorus and calcium, strengthens your teeth and bones. It aids in the prevention of arthritis and promotes stronger teeth and bones. To have stronger bones and teeth, eat curd with every meal. Yogurt consumption on a daily basis helps to increase calcium intake, which helps to strengthen your bones. Regular yogurt contains the bone-strengthening mineral calcium, which is excellent for bone health. One serving (3/4 cup) provides 275 mg of calcium.

Used for fair skin and shiny hair

We use curd as a home treatment to achieve beautiful skin and hair.

Curd can also be used to achieve a fair complexion. All you need is a mixture of curd, lime, and gram flour to get clear fair skin. Apply this mixture to your face and wash it off with lukewarm water after 15 minutes. Yogurt acts as a bleach, making you appear fairer. Yogurt moisturizes and cures dry skin in a natural way. The lactic acid in yogurt functions as an exfoliant, assisting in the removal of dead skin cells and preventing the appearance of wrinkles. It’s also a fantastic ingredient for face masks. It’s also a good home treatment for getting healthy, lustrous hair.

It helps in weight loss

An imbalance in the hormone cortisol, as well as a bad lifestyle, causes more fat to collect around the waistline. Curd is high in calcium, which suppresses cortisol production and aids weight loss. Yogurt keeps you feeling full for a long period. It also aids in belly-flattening by lowering calorie intake.

It aids in the management of blood sugar levels.

Curd’s easily digestible protein and living yogurt culture help to keep blood sugar levels in check. Greek yogurt has the properties to reduce the risk of heart disease and helps diabetics manage their blood sugar.

It’s a high-energy food

Yogurt should be your go-to food if you need an energy boost. Curd is an energy enhancer since it is high in vitamins and minerals. It acts as an antioxidant and aids in speedier recovery after a strenuous workout. It’s an excellent pre-workout snack.

It gets rid of dandruff

Curd is one of the most effective home treatments for dandruff. Yogurt’s antifungal properties make it the ideal remedy for dandruff eradication. All you have to do is apply a curd and henna mixture to your scalp and wash it off after half an hour. It will not only get rid of dandruff, but it will also make your hair lustrous and silky.

It reduces high blood pressure

Yogurt can help keep blood pressure in check. Consuming yogurt can help lessen the chance of getting hypertension, according to research conducted by the American Heart Association (AHA). People who ate more non-fat yogurt were also less likely to develop high blood pressure, according to the study.

            One of the simplest dietary pleasures is a bowl of fresh, creamy, and homemade yogurt. This miracle dairy product can be eaten on its own with fruits or chopped onions and tomatoes, or it can be blended into smoothies, added to curries for texture, or used to make breakfast cereal more nutritious. It’s incredibly handy for us to have yogurt with our everyday meals, but have we ever considered the incredible health benefits? Yogurt is made from milk and hence contains a number of important nutrients such as calcium, vitamin B-2, vitamin B-12, potassium, and magnesium. Yogurt has the advantage of being lighter on the stomach and easier to digest than milk. 

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