10 Facts about addictive Fast food which will horrify you

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Chips, burgers, taco, pizza and many similar things are our favorite edibles, Isn’t it! But do you these things can be, as same as the time bomb for your health. Here are some interesting facts about your delicious fast foods, which is going to horrify you more than a horror movie.

What our grandparents used to eat? Does they ate the same thing we are eating today? Of course not! Today we are eating food like things, instead of correct food.

fast food

fast food

If you have look, you will definitely notice that our grandparents are owing, double of energy and double of endurance, that we are having in youth age! Isn’t it different.

Well, let us come back to our concerned point, Fast food or junk food, is the  most common trend of every age group today. Ice creams, colas, drinks, jellies, candies, sugary products all are very common food.

Why we call fast food as ‘Junk food’?

fast food for body

fast food for body

Fast food is commonly called Junk food, why? These looks nice and smells good, but is a total junk for ours health. The unhealthy fat, overdose of sugar and salt, additive chemicals, colors all makes the food unhealthy and unfit for our health.

So fast food lovers, let us talk about some of the interesting facts and things about your dearest stuffs. After reading this, you will surely stop going to any fast food parlour, and hesitate to eat even a bite of chips!

Interesting facts about Fast food:

  1. Do you know, in many places, people sell rat and human meats in the form of chicken meats such as to make boneless chicken wings and other spicy dishes.
  2. A single hamburger patty could contain beef, pork and meats of several other cattle. They say it as chicken patty, but unknowingly they use very creepy things.
  3. The milkshake you love, can be the mixture of fertilizers and ammonia. They contain more than 50 types of chemical in it. Isn’t it destructive for life!
  4. Food dyes and artificial flavorings are very common is candies and jellies. All these destruct your child’s health, very heavily.
  5. The French fries, which you are loving, may be a couple of years old. The rotten ones are processed, and added with certain flavors making it tasty.
  6. The mixture of chicken which you receive in wings etc, is not just the chicken, it can be the mixture of bones and leftovers of the chicken,.
  7. The colas and other soft drinks, contain a lot of sugar and other chemicals in it, which can be damaging your lives.
  8. The Cheddar cheese which they use, is not just the cheese, it can be the mixture of many different materials.
  9. The sauces and ketchup contain, high fructose syrup in it which is very unhealthy and bad for health.
  10. The cornflour which they use are always of low-grade and mixed with certain other powdered elements.

So horrified or what! Guys natural edibles are always good, Try to opt these in your life and change it for the best.

Hope you like the article. Share the awareness to all and do share your experiences with us.

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