Stop using Non-stick cookwares, if you really care your health

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In the present era, 7 out of 10 uses Nonstick cookwares. Those looks attractive and are easy in cooking, but can be dangerous for your health. Today we will be telling you how nonstick cookwares can deplete your health.

What people used earlier?

Earlier, during the times of our grandparents, they used Iron or earthen vessels in cooking. Being natural and eco-friendly, those vessels always did good  for health.

You must have noticed that our ancestors, always used to be fit and active. Even without using any modern medications, gyms and other methods; they are all time fit and healthy.

Guess how?  The role of cookwares too played a vital role in this.

non stick cookwares
non stick cookwares

What we do today?

Today we have lots and lots of eased techniques for cooking. Ovens, induction, pressure cookers and many things are there that has relieved our lives.

As every thing has two aspects, similarly these modern techniques too are dangerous for health. Today we will be telling you how, non stick cookwares does bad for health.

Dangers of using Non stick cookwares-

Non stick cookwares has a coating over its steel, which doesn’t allow anything to stick on the surface. Thus it leads to, eased and triggered cooking. That non stick layer, is called Teflon, and is not a bit good for health.

How it affects our health:

When we heat the cookware above 1000 degrees, it emits harmful agent PFIB or perfluoroisobutene which gets mixed to blood, and leads to several chronic diseases.

  • Recent studies have shown that these things leads to liver failure and cancer even.
  • Regular use of nonstick wares, also puts a barrier in baby development during pregnancy.
  • It makes your body addicted, which can be very serious in future references.

Alternatives for Non stick wares:

So now what should we do now! Even if you are using non stick wares, then don’t use it always. Use it sometimes, then prefer for iron or steel utensils. Experts says, regular use of such utensils can be health hazarding.

In this way we saw how these non stick wares, can deplete your health. So from now limit these trend and as much possible, go back to our old Indian tradition. Take care and live well!

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