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Being in the present means letting go of the past and not getting anxious about the future. Ayurveda in the present era has so many things to do for benefitting mankind. The past was good, the present is better and the future should be the best in our thoughts. Ayurveda, which is deep-rooted in Indian philosophy had been in limelight for ages because Shastras are open-end deep truth-based treatises that have applications in every context. 

understand Ayurveda
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Ayurveda and modern researches 

The modern world is still researching many of the facts available as codes in  Shastras. They incorporate this information into their closed-end science-based treatises and try to expand.  

For example, In Ayurveda, The trayoupasthambha – the three basic pillars of life are the Ahara – the food, Nidra – the Sleep, and Brahmacharya – the Celibacy or in specific cases controlled involvement in sensory pleasures.  

Modern researchers are involved in research on this fact itself, that is the reason why we are seeing many studies on the effect of diet, sleep, etc. on body and health these days.  

Modern research methodology is based on closed-end science which expands including information from closed-end universal truth, therefore one cannot rely as such always on science. Theories get replaced every now and then. Modern psychology is based on the external observation of behavioral patterns of people, whereas Indian psychology starts from inner inquiry and knowing one’s own self. 

Go back to your roots – the Basics 

When the basic roots are explored, everything becomes easier to explain and can be correlated in various circumstances.  

We know the word mother is derived from the Sanskrit word root ‘ Matru ‘. Similarly,  everything has a base and this is inherent in Indian philosophy. Now you know the reason why the ancient sages boast of Bharat to be the most auspicious center of culture and spirituality.  

In the present era, people think, sages of the past only had the sixth sense knowledge of Shastras and that present era cannot be that much efficient and knowledgeable.  

The truth is that God is within themselves and self-realization can be achieved easily. Materialistic and spiritual mottos will be realized when the person turns inward. When he or she looks into himself or herself, they enter the state of inquiry and later achieves wisdom and self-realization. He who knows himself will intuitively know others also.  

Inquiry – the real happiness 

The real happiness is in ourselves, real confidence occurs when we know ourselves.  

Sages knew themselves through inquiry and meditation. Later they communicated truth acquired from the meditation to treatises.  

That root is to be explored by every Ayurveda seeker. 

The summary of this would be like this; 

  • Knowledge of Ayurveda cannot be imbibed from a mere reading of Shastras.
  • It should dawn in your mind through inquiry and meditation.
  • Frequency levels of mind should change from lower to higher to get that information from the Universe to you.  

That’s why every enlightened master says the same truthful philosophy to you. Universal truths can be acquired from anywhere, any place, and at any time period. That requires the medium of your mind and raised consciousness.  

You and Universe are the same, truly, Tat Twam Asi. Yes, you are the Universe.  

A positive outlook on life and continuous smart work is required to realize your goals. 

Ayurveda is based on Universal truth; it can be applied to even physics and chemistry like physical sciences. Positive thoughts + continuous smart work =  successful results.  

Here, Vata is positive thoughts, Pitta is continuous work and Kapha is the result.  

Not only this, Ayurvedic principles can be applied to everything including marketing. This is to say that, an Ayurveda doctor can excel in various fields if they wish to do so. First think about that. Then nothing is impossible.  

Apart from doctors and being lecturers or specialists, they can make good counselors, bloggers, writers, public speakers, lifestyle consultants and even cooking specialists.  

Can’t we think about establishing an Ayurvedic style of cooking and hotel management also?  


Ayurveda is a lifestyle that can be implemented in every sector. It’s not limited to health studies. It is high time to think about universal applications of Ayurveda; even in Corporal setups.  

Let’s make it real and be progressive. Let’s orient ourselves to be the most useful people in Ayurveda. 

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