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5 Foods that your Pancreas will love and will thank you for!

Human body pancreas
Human body pancreas
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We humans consume the food that is good in taste and looks attractive! But what about your organs that are functioning inside. Today we are going to tell you about 5 foods that are best for pancreas to keep it healthy and well functioning.

In this post we will be covering some of the basics about Pancreas and its healthy diet too.

  1. What is Pancreas and where it is located?
  2. Functions of Pancreas
  3. What happens if your Pancreas are not functioning well?
  4. Best foods for Pancreas

So now let’s move to our topic! Diabetes is a very common thing, which is actually caused when your Pancreas is not functioning well. As the treatment, many starts taking various medicines, insulin shots etc like that.

Let’s go to the core remedy! Why not to uproot it? Means why not to make pancreas so strong and healthy that there will be no chances of Diabetes or any such! Yes, it is possible. If your Pancreas are super strong that no such infections can attack it. What is Pancreas and where it is located?

What is Pancreas and where it is located?

Human body pancreas
pancreas in human body

The pancreas is a large-sized gland in our body which is about 6 inches long and sits across the back of the abdomen. It is located deep in the belly and is sandwiched between stomach and the spine.

As it is embedded deep so there are not much diseases related to Pancreas.

2. What are the Functions of Pancreas?

Pancreas is extremely important for the digestive system. It is a flatened organ which produces enzymes which aids in the digestion of nutrients like, fat and proteins.

Secondly, it makes insulin which controls blood sugar levels and keeps your body system balanced.

3. What happens if your Pancreas is not functioning well?

disease in pancreas
disease in pancreas

Somehow there are only a few number of diseases related to Pancreas. When your pancreas is not functioning well, it can develop diseases like Diabetes, Pancreatic inflammation and pancreatic cancer as well.

4. Top 5 Best foods for Pancreas:

Now we will be talking about 5 foods which your Pancreas loves! We all go with the food which is good in taste and look. Hardly anyone think for internal organs.

Lets join hands and pledge that from now onward we will take care of our internal organs too. Well, now let’s see some of the pancreas favorite foods:

1. Kiwifruit-


Kiwifruit is one of the favorite foods of Pancreas as well as liver. It directly boosts your Pancreas to release the digestive enzymes from it. It also fights in Insulin secretion, which helps to balance the blood sugar.

2. Berries

berries colourful
colourful berries

Being rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients, it is also classified under super foods. Cherries, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries etc all the good source of vitamins.

Most important, it contains a substance called Perillyl alcohol which helps to prevent and cure Pancreatic Cancer.

3. Yogurt


Experts says a healthy individual should take at least, 2 servings of yogurt in a day. It is a probiotic thus develops good bacteria and keeps your digestion good.

The high cultures present maintains your pancreatic health and also aids in diabetes and pancreatic cancer.

4. Garlic

garlic for pancreas
garlic for pancreas

The aromatic, pungent and sharp flavour of garlic directly aids in your pancreatic health. garlic helps to lower/balance the amount of sugar in your blood by increasing the insulin production by the pancreas. 

It is a thing that every healthy individual should take in order to maintain the pancreatic health.

5. Lean Meats-

lean meat for health
lean meats for health

A person who has pancreatic issue gets weak and diseased easily. Their energy levels decreases very fast and thus there gets a high need for protiens, in a safer way.

Such people can opt for lean meats. It has very less fat in it and a high amount of protein is there. Lean meats also help to rejuvenate the cells thus aiding in pancreatic disorders.

So in this way we saw the description of this small body part and the best food for it. We must think for our health, because health is wealth.

Hope this post was knowledgeable for all. Share to all and do not forget to share comment below. Take care and live well!

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