Herbal Remedies to cure Hepatic Disease- Liver Cirrhosis

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Liver is the biggest gland in our body. It has numerous functions, which are compulsory for a fit and healthy body. Today we will be talking about a very serious hepatic disease, called Liver Cirrhosis. We will also be talking about, its home remedies and herbal cure for it.

You must have heard about fatty liver, liver malfunctioning, liver enlargement and many more. Today we will be talking about a liver disease, which is far different from all these.

What is called Liver Cirrhosis?

Hepatic disease liver cirrhosis
Hepatic disease liver cirrhosis

Liver Cirrhosis is referred to the hepatic disease, in which our liver contracts in size thus getting hard and stony. In such cases, there is the huge loss of live cells, which interferes with the normal blood flow through the liver. In such cases, there is the structural deformity in the liver which ultimately leads to hepatic failure and death.

Symptoms of Liver Cirrhosis:

  • Occasional Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Abdominal pain
  • Rapid loss of weight
  • Bloated abdomen with internal bleeding
  • Jaundiced skin with itchiness
  • Pain and oedema, specially in legs
  • In the early stages, the disease develops nothing more than just indigestion and frequent attacks of gas.
  • In advanced stages, the patient may develop low-grade fever.

What can be the causes of Liver Cirrhosis?

causes of liver cirrhosis
causes of liver cirrhosis

Liver Cirrhosis can be there due to a number of reasons, which are given as below.

  • Excessive use of alcohol over a long period
  • Poor nutrition
  • Excessive intake of highly seasoned food
  • Food poisoning and highly toxic condition of the body may also lead to this
  • Overuse of medications, especially the antibiotics
  • Hepatitis B and Hepatitis D can also be the causative factors

How to diagnose it?

In the process of diagnosis, the doctor will take a complete medical history. There are several tests involved which are given below-

  • complete blood count
  • albumin rate
  • blood coagulation
  • liver function tests
  • alpha-fetoprotein which means liver cancer screening

In the advanced stages of liver biopsy, MRI, CT scan, upper endoscopy are possible.

Now we shall be moving to the herbal cure and several home remedies for Hepatic disease: Liver Cirrhosis.

herbal cure for liver cirrhosis
herbal cure for liver cirrhosis

Herbal cure for Liver Cirrhosis-

The cure for live cirrhosis undergoes with several body flush actions which cleanse your liver naturally.

  1. Milk thistle is like one of the best therapies for Liver cirrhosis. Taking this in the early stages is very beneficial for liver’s health. Taking this, not actually reverse the damage but decreases the risk of furthermost damage.
  2. Papaya seeds are one of the best medicines known for liver dysfunction. A patient suffering from such hepatic disease must take this daily with water in the grinded form.
  3. A cirrhosis patient must take green tea on a regular basis. It helps to regenerate the cells, thus aiding a lot in such hepatic disorders.
  4. Turmeric prevents liver damage, as you are diagnosed with liver cirrhosis, you should start taking turmeric in your diet. In addition, water prepared by the turmeric buds too are very beneficial for a cirrhosis patient.
  5. In Ayurvedic treatment for liver cirrhosis, celery seeds are widely used. One can also use this for the betterment.
  6. A decocted water prepared with fenugreek seeds, ajowan seeds and cumin seeds; too its very beneficial to treat such disorders.

Now, we shall be telling you some of the do’s and dont’s for liver cirrhosis treatment. If you really want the disorder to be cured, then you should follow a correct lifestyle and diet.

Do’s and Dont’s for Liver Cirrhosis:

  • Proteins should be avoided by the patient or can be taken in a very limited quantity. In the case of cirrhosis, our liver tends to be weak to digest the proteins.
  • Fresh and unboiled milk, should be taken by the patient.
  • The patient should avoid all forms of chemical additives in food.
  • Refined, processed and canned foods are similar to the latent poison for a cirrhosis patient.
  • Vegetables such as beet, squash, bitter gourd, tomato, carrot, radish, and papaya are useful in this condition.
  • Whole grains, nuts, goat’s milk etc are very good intakes and must be taken by a cirrhosis patient.

This was the wholesome description of Hepatic disease; Liver Cirrhosis. Hope you like the post, share this to all your contacts.

Maybe it proves, a nectar for some suffering from some! Take care and live well!


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