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akarkara herb

10 Medicinal benefits of Akarkara Herb

Herbs are the miracles in Ayurveda. These are the ingredients, which has numerous medicinal properties and healing benefits in it. Today we will be talking about Akarkara herb benefits. Akarkara is said to be...
punarnava herb

10 Surprising health benefits and uses of Punarnava Herb

Punarnava, is a very well-known herb in Ayurvedic culture. It is known for its medicinal benefits and uses. These kinds of herbs are simply miracle in itself and very useful. Today we will be...

5 Empowering Herbs in Ayurveda Science

Herbs represent the most effective Ayurvedic approach to healing illness. In Herbology, there are numerous herbs which are a kind of miracle in itself. Today we will be making you aware of such 5...
Dandelion roots for Cancer treatment

Dandelion roots- Herb which is 10 times effective than Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is the foremost treatment given to a Cancer patient. But many of us don't know, that chemotherapy itself can cause dreadful diseases and can be costly in future references. Then what to do,...