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mango fruit

12 Health benefits of King of Fruits- Mango

It is the season of mangoes now! When you visit to market, you will find fruit shops flooded with ripe mangoes. Do you know, this king of fruits; Mango has numerous medicinal benefits in...

Top 10 Natural Home Remedies for Skin Care

To look amazingly beautiful is the wish of every woman. For a glamorous look you don’t need investment in expensive cosmetic products. Nature provides us innumerable ingredients that can give you flawless and radiant...
Plant of Indian sorrel

8 Amazing Health benefits of Sorrel (Changeri)

Sorrel or Changeri is an Indian herb, with multiple benefits. Today our discussion will be on herb topic, and we will be talking about the description and health benefits of Sorrel. The appearance of ...
Fruits of Cluster fig

12 Health benefits of Medicinal plant- Cluster Fig plant

Cluster fig or Gular is one of the widely known plant. According to Atharveda, gular is one of the medicines which promotes physical strength. Today we will be telling you the medicinal benefits of...