Herbs that can keep you healthy

trailing eclipta

15 Amazing Health benefits of Bhringraj Herb

Bhringraj or Trailing Eclipta is a small herb which is simply miracle in itself. Today we will be telling you 215 health benefits of Bhringraj. You will really get surprised of its usages and...
Flowers of Tesu

15 Medicinal uses and benefits of Tesu flower plant

You might have seen a reddish-orange coloured flower, used in Holi. Yes, it is Tesu flower or Palash flower. Today we will be telling you the medicinal usages and benefits of this beautiful looking,...

10 Health benefits of Wonder Fruit Coconut

Fruits are that delicious stuff that are sour, sweet, fleshy, juicy, tart, and tangy too. It is regarded as one of the finest edible to be consumed. Being rich in fibers and other nutrients;...
ajwain water health benefits

5 Amazing Health benefits of Ajwain water you should know about

Hey guys, today we will be talking about one of the herbs called Ajwain or  Carom. Like many other herbs, it is also filled with miraculous benefits. Today we will be telling you 5...