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10 Health benefits of Bryophyllum for Kidney and Urinary disorders

Bryophyllum which is a herb, widely known to treat kidney problems and urinary disorders. Do you know, it has several other health benefits too? Today we will be discussing 10 health benefits of Bryophyllum...

Top 15 amazing health benefit of Aloe Vera

Miracle herb; the reason before writing this term for Aloe Vera will be grasped by you; after reading the following article. Aloe Vera is also known as 'Plant from Heavens'. The reason is; its...

Top 10 herbs for upper and lower respiratory tract infection

A number of health problems are there, nowadays. Medications are available for most of the diseases. Respiratory tract infections are also among them. RTI (respiratory tract infections) are the infections of the sinuses, throat,...
home remedies for healthy lungs

Home Remedies to Clean Your Lungs Naturally

Healthy lungs play a vital role in the rest of the body. Some factors are responsible like exposers to air pollution, smoking alcohol can damage the lungs. Lungs are self-cleaning organs. If not get...