10 Health benefits of Bryophyllum for Kidney and Urinary disorders

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Bryophyllum which is a herb, widely known to treat kidney problems and urinary disorders. Do you know, it has several other health benefits too? Today we will be discussing 10 health benefits of Bryophyllum plant.

Bryophyllum is a perennial herb of a minor family. It is grown in gardens all over India.

Appearance of Bryophyllum:


Bryophyllum plant

It is a plant with the hollow stem, red or green in colour and 3-4 ft tall in height. The leaves are muscular and grow across some distance. Lower parts have simple leaves and upper parts have complex joint leaves, having 6-7 leaves in opposite pattern.

Fresh leaves sprout from the rounded corners of the leaves, hence resulting in the origin of new plants.

Chemical composition:

It includes fragrant oil which mainly contains Karvakrol.


sprouting ends of bryophyllum

sprouting ends of bryophyllum

It cures stones and purifies the abdominal area. It is purgative and cures piles, pacifies tridosha, flatulence, dysuria, ulcers, wounds and purifies blood. It is very famous medicine to cure kidney stones and similar other problems.


English name– Sprout leaf plant

Hindi name– Jakhmehayat

Sanskrit name– Parn beej, Raktakusum

Kannada name– Gandukalinga

Bengali name– Patharkuchi

Family name– Crassulaceae

Botanical name– Bryophyllum pinnatum

Now we shall be talking about the health benefits of Bryophyllum plant. After reading this, you will surely be amazed and will say “Oh my God, such a miraculous plant”.

flowers of bryophyllum plant

flowers of bryophyllum plant

Health benefits of Bryophyllum:

1. Treats Kidney stones-

  • In case of kidney stones, give 40-50 ml decoction of the whole plant twice a day.
  • You can also give the decoction with 500 mg shilajit and 2 gm of honey mixed in it.
  • Give this twice a day, it cures bilestone easily.

2. Useful in Urinary disorders-

  • Give 5 ml juice of its leaves to the patient suffering from thirst and any disorder related to urinary system. It is a very good and effective cure.
  • In case of urine related disorder in men, give 40-60 ml of its decoction with 2 gm honey mixed in it.
  • Give this twice a day.

3. Helpful in Boils-

  • Slightly warm its leaves and crush them.
  • Tie it as the poultice on the affected area.
  • It cures boils, redness and swelling too.

4. For Hypertension

  • Give 5-10 drops of the extract of its aerial parts.
  • It is beneficial in controlling blood pressure.

5. Curbs Leukaemia-

  • Give 5-10 drops of the extract of its aerial part, twice a day.
  • It is beneficial in blood cancer.

6. For Vaginal disorders-

  • In case of vaginal flow in women, give 40-60 ml decoction with 2 gm honey mixed in it.
  • Give this twice a day.

7. Treats Headache

  • Crush its leaves and apply on the forehead.
  • It cures headache.

8. Aids in Eye pain-

  • Extract the juice of its leaves and apply all around the eyes.
  • It cures pain in the white part of eyes.

9. Treatment for Wounds-

  • Slightly warm the leaves and then rush them and tie on the wound.
  • It helps the wound heal faster and also eliminates the scar.

10. Cures Bleeding diarrhea-

  • Give 3-6 gm juice of its leaves with cumin seeds and double amount of ghee mixed in it.
  • Give this to the patient thrice a day.
  • It controls the blood flow in diarrhea.

These were the 10 benefits of Jakhmehayat plant 🙂 Isn’t it an amazing and health promoting one. If you are also diagnosed with any of the disease listed above, they must give it a try.

Share your experiences with us and share the post with all your friends. Take care and live well!

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