Easy way to check Adulteration in Apple Fruit

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An apple a day keeps the doctor away; this is a very common and famous health proverb. But now, due to food adulteration it is somewhere getting false. Today we will be telling you to catch an adulterated apple.

Since from ages, we have been advised to eat at least one apple a day. It has numerous benefits. As the world and technology is enhancing, it is also developing in the field of adulteration.

Adulteration rate in today’s world:

Even after spending a huge sum of money, you can’t guarantee the purity of your food stuffs. Everything has some additive chemicals in it, making it unsuitable for health.

Spices, condiments, sauces, fruits, vegetables, biscuits, detergents, toiletries etc all are adulterated. Still, we have some ways left. You can check at home whether your food from markets, is adulterated or not.

Today we will be telling you a very easy and simpler method through which you can check the quality of your apple fruit.

Adulteration in Apple fruit:

adulteration in apple fruit

When you enter the fruit/vegetable sections of grocery shops and supermarkets, you will find reddish, glossy and attractive apples. Don’t go on its outer look! If you also notice the same, then you are going with poison!

It’s an adulterated one.

How to check the quality of Apple?

An unadulterated apple will have the qualities, which are given below-

  • It will not be fully red, some lines of yellow and orange colours must be there.
  • The peel should be scratchy, it should give you the feel of plastic.
  • It should not have a polished look.
  • As you smell the pure fresh apple, it will give you a sweet and natural fragrance. Whereas the adulterated one will have no outer smell.

Now let us see how to check adulteration in apple.

As you buy an apple from market, bring it at home and follow the steps given below-

  • Make a paste of baking soda and white vinegar and apply it all around the apple.
  • After 2 minutes, rinse it and dip the apple in hot water for 2 more minutes.
  • Now as you take apple on hand, you will feel a waxy touch.
  • Using a blunt knife, gently scratch over its peel so that the peel is not scratched.

You will notice, a translucent waxy kind of thing is coming out. It is nothing but the wax which was polished over your dearest apple!

You must be shocked now! Check your fruits and edibles properly, before buying it. Always remember, you are what you eat. Make your body grasp only the good things.

Hope you like the post. Spread the awareness to everyone, and protect all your near and dear ones from this adulteration. Take care and live well!

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