Medicinal Benefits of Malkangni Oil

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Before starting the benefits of this miraculous oil i.e. Benefits of Malkangni OilLet me share my views on why I am going to write this topic today. The 21st century can be said as the ‘age of maladies and disasters’. Since from ages, we human beings are suffering from deadly diseases and mishaps. A few decades back, the mortality rate among human beings was very high. Due to poor hygiene, lack of health care possibilities, lack of knowledge and many other factors contributed towards human mortality.

Malkangni tree with seeds and flowers
Malkangni tree with seeds and flowers

With the advancement of willpower and senses, human beings became curious to find out the best treatment and prevention of diseases. Nowadays many kinds of treatments, drugs and clinical facilities are available. All these things are slowly decreasing the mortality graph. ‘Prevention is better than cure’. It is a well-known fact and also a right one.

Most of the advanced technologies promise to cure the disorder not to uproot them. Surgeries, laser treatments, transplants, drugs, antibiotics all the healing process are effective but only for a period of time. They can’t uproot the illness totally from the body; they are only able to cut the growing roots.

Dry Malkangni seeds
Dry Malkangni seeds

Here we will be talking about Ayurveda. It can be said as the best form of healing; apart from healing Ayurveda offers you a vast field of prevention and a life free from diseases. Ayurveda is practiced since from immemorial times. The concept of Ayurveda is to live natural and live healthily. Ayurvedic treatments include natural herbs and medicinal plants. Ayurvedic treatment is not only to cure body; it’s about to purify your spirit from the tremendous energy that is the almighty god.

Malkangani or Malkangni or Jyotishmati

it is a climber shrub that is found all across India especially in Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, and Kashmir. This herb is an Ayurvedic medicine and can also be called as the ‘Nectar in present world’. As in the mythical stories; nectar; ‘amrit’ was a liquid substance that was the way to immortality. Similarly, in the present era, Ayurvedic herbs are the nectar. Malkangani is the Hindi term. It belongs to kingdom Plantae and Celastraceae family. Its binomial name is ‘Celastrus paniculatus’.

In Sanskrit term, it is also known as ‘Jyotishmati’ and in Chinese it is called ‘deng you teng’. It is an Ayurvedic herbal medicine that is full of benefits. Malkangani tree grows well in drained soil; although it can be grown in any soil but the drained soil is best suited. Most probably, the seeds and oil are used as an ingredient herb to prepare Ayurvedic medicines.

Benefits of Malkangni Oil
Malkangni Oil

The oil has a pungent smell with brown color and the ripe seeds are yellowish in color. The oil extracted is full of benefits; it is processed with nanoparticles for maximum benefits. Malkangani oil is full of benefits. In Ayurveda science, it is recognized as one of the best herbal medicine. It has many therapeutic uses.

Some of the health benefits of Malkangani oil are listed below:

1Improves memory

Malkangani oil is best suited to increase memory power. ½ teaspoon of malkangani oil in warm milk increases memory power and activates the body parts.Those kids who are naturally towards studies and day-to-day chores; malkangani oil is best for them. It sharpens your willpower and is a good memory enhancer. Not only this, Malkangani oil is also capable to cure nervous disorder called ‘Paralysis’.

2Good during winters

You must have noticed, as winter season arrives most of us feel lethargic and lazy. Not only this, we feel extreme cold even the weather is mid-chilling. The reason is, the body cells are not properly active and there is lack of oxygen in the body.Due to this, our immune system gets weaken and automatically we feel cold. Not only this, seasonal flu’s and infections can easily attack us. The best and the natural way to get rid of this is ‘Malkangani’. Just take a teaspoon of Malkangani oil on a daily basis. After few days, you will feel energetic and lively.

3Cures dermal problems and dandruff

Eczema, psoriasis, leucoderma etc are some of the dermal problems that act as a black spot in our lives. The sores and imprints of these are so tough and deep under the skin that can’t be treated easily. Application and intake of Malkangani oil treat all the sores and their marks. It detoxified your skin clearing all the unwanted scars and marks. Not only this, it rejuvenates your skin making it healthy and glowing.During winters, dandruff becomes a great problem. Dry scalp and lack of moisture invite it. Weekly application of Malkangani oil in scalp treats dandruff in only a few months.

4Treats arthritis

Severe pain in bone joints are the starting point of disorder like arthritis, sciatica etc. These are very harsh kind of disorder that makes you mentally depressed. Just apply few drops of Malkangani oil on the pain area; rub softly. Repeat this process on daily basis. It is very effective and the regular usage will give you a permanent treatment in few months. If the pain is low then just the application of oil can treat it well.

5Soothes digestion

Indigestion, heart-burning, intestinal heat etc are the common problems. But these minor disorders can make you ill and sick that can be consequently hazardous to health. Intake of Malkangani oil will keep your digestive system strong. Not only this, it stimulates the secretion of gastric juices making your digestion easy. The seeds and oil give nothing but excellent results.

6Treats asthma and bronchitis

Due to increasing stress and pollution, we human beings are getting prone of several respiratory disorders like a mucus cough, sinusitis, asthma, bronchitis, T.B and many more. Drugs and surgeries are unable to cure it permanently.Have a teaspoon of Malkangani oil daily and before going to bed apply few drops on the chest region. This will keep your body warm avoiding all kind of respiratory flu’s. Not only this, its regular usage will uproot the ailment with a great ease.

7Side Effects of using Malkangni oil

Please consult Ayurveda doctor before using Malkangni in any form. Because inappropriate dosage of malkangni seeds or malkangni oil in Pitta dominant people can cause below side effects:

  1. Restlessness
  2. Dizziness
  3. Burning sensation
  4. Excessive sweating
  5. Miscarriage
  6. Acid Reflux
  7. Don’t use if you are trying to conceive
  8. Don’t use during Menstruation

In conclusion, always try to live natural and free from anxiety. In the present world, ailments are rising day by day. Only prevention, knowledge and correct treatment can uproot it. In our country, the mortality rate is high and one of the contributing factors for this is ‘Lack of proper knowledge’. It can be observed that most of us; especially those living in rural areas lack consciousness about the correct treatment and prevention.

Actually, this is the root cause of life depletion. Always be conscious of your health. Ayurveda offers you a vast world of happiness. It is the ancient form of treatment that is free from side-effects.

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So guys Go natural, live safe. 


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