Health benefits of Flowering plant- Jasmine


Flowers are the most attractive part of a plant. Everyone gets attracted towards colourful, fragrance and beautiful flowers. Not only humans, but insects and plants also gets attracted towards it. Like honeybees gets attracted to  flowers and suck nectar from it. Different types of flowers are used to express different expressions like happiness, joy, sorrow, grief and so on. Here we will be talking about the small cute flowers called “Jasmine”. It has very sweet fragrance and liked by all. But only few of us knows, this cute flower and its plant is filled with curative properties and benefits.


Well, here our conerned topic is about ‘Jasmine’ itself. We will be talking about it in description with its health benefits.


Jasmine is grown all over India in houses, gardens, parks, flower pots, temples as an ornamental plant. It can be deciduous or evergreen plant depending upon its type and variety. This very flower possess 5 petals at least and 12-15 as maximum. This is a creeper plant. The branches are striped and leaves are upward facing and uneven. The plant bears clove like buds which gradually develops into the flowers. The white clove like flowers are on a single small stem or on stems longer than the end of leaves. Flowers are pentaculate; in some branches the flowers are larger than leaves and are wide and fragrant. Mostly, the plant bears flowers in rainy season.



Kingdom- Plantae
Family- Oleaceae
Binomial name- Jasminum grandiflorum
English name- Jasmine or Common Jasmine
Hindi name- Chameli
Sanskrit name- Somanasyayani, Sumana, Chetika

Properties of Jasmine:-

The leaves of this plant contains a chemical called Jasmininie.  The oil contains benzyl acetate, methyl ethynylate and iliquol. It cures kapha and pitta kind of disorders. The oil is anti-vata and aphrodisiac which generates pleasant feelings.

Uses of Jasmine flowers:-


The flowers are widely used in decorations of marriage functions and some other auspicious occasions. In Southern regions, this very flower is used to make hair buns and decorative items.

Medicinal benefits of Jasmine:-

1. For Oral disorders-

  • Prepare a decoction of 20-25 gm of Jasmine leaves.
  • Use this decoction to gargle.
  • It cures boils in mouth and also cures any problems related to gums.
  • One suffering from boils or gum disorder; then chew its leaves. It cures these disorders in fe days.

2. For Headache-

In case of Headache, grind its 3 leaves in Gul paste. Put 2 drops in each nostril. It cures headache.

3. For Skin problems-

  • In case of skin problems like wounds, eczema, itching, burns, pains etc; jasmine oil can be applied. It works like a magic and effective results can be noticed.
  • Apply the paste of 8-10 flowers to cure any type of skin problem and blood problem.

4. For Fever-

  • Take equal quantities of Jasmine leaves, Indian gooseberry and naagarmotha. Prepare the decoction and mix jaggery in it.
  • Give 30 ml of it to the patient; twice a day.
  • It helps to cure the fever and patient is relieved from all other disorders.

5. For Dermatoses-

  • Apply the paste of tender leaves of Jasmine. It cures Dermatoses.
  • Give the decoction prepared by its roots. It is beneficial in dermatoses.

6. For Syphilis-

  • Mix 20 gm juice of its leaves with 125 mg of Ral powder.
  • Give this to the patient every morning for 15-20 days. It cures the heat of the body.
  • Rinse the syphilis wound with the decoction of its leaves.
  • You can also give the decoction of Jasmine leaves.

7. For Ear problems:-

In case of pus or pain in ears

  • Boil 20 gm Jasmine leaves in 100 gm sesame oil.
  • Put 1 drop each of this oil in the ears. It cures pain and stops the leaking of pus.
  • Mix Aloe in jasmine oil and put this in ears.
  • It cures the itching in ears.
  • Mix 5 ml of leaf juice and mix 10 ml cow’s urine.
  • Heat the mixture slightly and put drops in ears. It also cures pain in ears.

So in this way we saw how this very plant can be utilized as a medicinal plant. Each and every herb is important and filled with benefits. So, take care and live well!

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