10 Medicinal benefits of Akarkara Herb

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Herbs are the miracles in Ayurveda. These are the ingredients, which has numerous medicinal properties and healing benefits in it. Today we will be talking about Akarkara herb benefits. Akarkara is said to be native of Arabia. It is the herb which is not mentioned by any Indian sages like Charak, Sushrut, Vagbhatt and others, it is possible that it was introduced to India by Greek physicians.

Appearance of Akarkara herb:

The Akarkara plant is bushy and hairy in texture. The stems has knots spaced far apart. The bark is of dust color. The roots are 3-4 inches long and half inch thick. It bears flowers which are probably white, purple or yellow in color.

It has hollow stem and is also used as vegetable and pickle in Maharashtra cuisine.

akarkara herb
akarkara herb

Chemical composition of Akarkara herb:

The main active element of the root of Akarkara is pyrethrin which is crystalline and colorless. In addition, it contains a partly volatile oil, a stable oil and 50% inulin.

Nomenclature of Akarkara herb:

English name– Pellitory root, Pyrethrum root

Hindi name– Akarkara

Sanskrit name– Aakarakarabh, akaltanak

Arabic name– Aakikihan, Aduk lai

Kingdom- Plantae

Family name– Asteraceae

Botanical name– Anacyclus pyrethrum

Now. we shall be dealing with the most important point of our article which is; medicinal benefits of Akarkara.

Roots of Akarkara plant
Roots of Akarkara plant

10  Akarkara Benefits:

1. Aids in Menstrual problems-

  • Drink 100 ml decoction of Akarkara plant twice a day.

  • It normalizes the menstrual cycle.

2. Helpful in Paralysis-

  • Grind Akarkara roots and mix it with the oil of Mahua plant.

  • Massage with this on the affected areas. It heals paralysis.

  • Take 500 gms of Akarkara root powder and mix it with honey.

  • Licking it twice a day is very beneficial in Paralysis.

3.  For Stomach problems-

  • Mix equal amount of Akarkara root powder with fig and peepal powder.

  • Give 1/2 teaspoon of this mixture, every morning and evening after the meals.

  • It cures all forms of stomach disorders.

4. Akarkara uses in Asthma

  • Make a powder of whole akarkara plant.

  • Strain it finely through a muslin cloth.

  • Inhaling this powder cures different breathing problems like asthma, dyspnoea etc.

5. Aids in Heart diseases-

  • Take bark of Arjuna tree and Akarkara powder in equal quantities.

  • Grind them and give 1/2 teaspoon of this mixture, twice a day.

  • It makes your heart stronger and also abides any strokes.

6. Helpful cure in Halitosis-

  • Take equal quantities of Akarkara, roasted alum, black pepper and rock salt.

  • Grind these into a fine powder and use as tooth powder in brushing your teeth.

  • It curbs Halitosis and cures all types of tooth and gum problems.

7. Akarkara uses in treating Headache-

  • Make a paste of Akarkara root. Applying it on the forehead, treats headache in eased way.

  • Chew the root of Akarkara, it treats headache caused due to cold.

8. For Sciatica-

  • Mix akarkara root powder with walnut oil.

  • Massage it on the painful areas.

  • It help cure Sciatica.

9. Abides Laziness and Dullness-

  • Whenever you feel dull, take 1 gm powder of Akarkara with 2-3 cloves.

  • Take 100 ml decoction of Akarkara, it eradicates Laziness.

10. For Hiccoughs-

  • Take 1 gm of Akarkara powder with honey.

  • In repeated hiccoughs, taking this remedy works magically.

So in this way we saw the Akarkara benefits. Isn’t it very miraculous herb. Hope you like the article, share it to all.  Take care and live well.


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