Oleander flower(kanagale flower): 10 Amazing Health benefits

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Flowers are the most attractive part of the plant. These are rich in color and sweet fragrance. Not only we humans, but the animals and the insects all get attracted to it. Honeybees suck nectar from the flowers; by which natural honey is prepared. Flowers are used to showing different emotions; happiness, grief, sadness, loss, celebrations and many more. Red flowers are mostly used to denote love and affection; whereas yellow, white and pale pink is used to express friendship, sadness etc. Let’s see  Oleander benefits.

One should know that; most of the flowers occupy the potency as they are used in different medicinal fields. In Chinese therapies, Ayurveda, Naturopathy etc flowers play a major role in the treatment of many diseases. Here, we will be talking about one of the most beautiful flowers which are also “Sweetly scented”. Well, it is commonly called Oleander.

The appearance of Oleander flower

Pink Oleander tree

The oleander tree is bushy one and reaches up to 10-12 ft in height. It has the small stem with multiple branches and each branch has three pairs of 6-8 inch long leaves. Those leaves are completely green, smooth, shiny even rough. Oleander flowers are found in different shades of pale pink, dark pink, red, white and yellow even. The trees are grown in temples, gardens, parks and also used as the ornamental plant. It bears flowers throughout the year; while the yellow oleander gives the illusion of having spring and rainy season at the same time.

Nomenclature of Oleander flower

oleander flower
Different types of oleander flower

English name– Oleander, Sweet-scented
Hindi name– Kaner, Kanail
Sanskrit name– Hayamara, Karveer
Family name– Apocynaceae
Kingdom- Plantae
Botanical name- Thevetia peruviana

Kanagale flower in english is known as Oleander flower

Properties of Oleander flower

There are many properties of Oleander which are listed below-

  • It has been discovered that the root, skin, and seeds contain glycosides.
  • As a fact; all the parts of the plant is poisonous; mostly it is used externally but in the case of internal treatment it used to be used under the supervision of a qualified doctor.
  • It regulate kapha and vata; hence promotes digestion.
  • This very plant is cool in nature.
  • It acts as a blood purifier and is antipyretic in nature.
  • The red flower of the same species becomes toxic when given in large quantity.

Well, now we will be talking about our prime concerned topic which is; Health benefits of Oleander. It is multi-purpose and used in different forms which are given below-

10 Health benefits of Oleander flower

1.  For Heart pain

  • Give 100-200 mg of the bark of its root after small meals.
  • It causes heavy urination; which cures the heart pain.
  • It even cures other disorders related to the heart.

2. As a toothbrush

  • In India, many likes to use the twigs and thin branches of some plants as their toothbrush.
  • The branch of white oleander can be used to brush teeth.
  • It strengthens even the loose teeth.

3. For Headache

  • Grind the flowers of oleander with Indian gooseberry in kanji (a fermented drink prepared using beets, carrots, mustard).
  • Apply this paste on the forehead. It gives immense relief.

4. For Piles

  • Grind the root of oleander with cold water and apply on the boils.
  • Must apply those on the boils while easing.
  • It cures the boils.

5. Kanagale flower as a face pack

  • Grind the flowers of white oleander and apply on the face.
  • It improves texture and complexion of the skin.

6. For Joint pain

  • Grind the leaves of Oleander and apply on the painful joints.
  • One can even use the decoction of white oleander to rinse the ulcers and wounds.

7. For snake bite

  • In case of snake bite, give 125-250 mg of the bark of its root or 1-2 leaves repeatedly after a short interval.
  • It causes the patient to vomit which then actually releases the poison from the body.

8. For eczema

  • Prepare oil from the root bark of white oleander and apply on the affected parts.
  • It cures all types of eczema, itching, and dermatoses.

9. For Contagious diseases

  • In case of any kind of monsoonal/contagious disease, massage with oil of its leaves.
  • It prevents the growth of micro-organisms that cause such diseases.

10. Kanagale Flower For Itching

  • Apply the medicated oil prepared from oleander leaves.
  • It cures itching within an hour.
  • The paste of oleander leaves or flowers with olive oil can be applied in any kind of itching.
  • It is beneficial for any type of itching.

Harmful effects of Oleander

As discussed above, all parts of the plant are poisonous. It even acts as a great poison. Hence, it must not be taken on an empty stomach. It must be administered as used only under the strict supervision of a qualified doctor.

So, in this way, we saw how the small flowers and very plant can be so useful. Go green and live well!

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