Herbs that can keep you healthy

What are the advantages of Shilajit capsules?

What is Shilajit? It is a thick and sticky tar like substance that has numerous health benefits. The substance varies in color from white to dark brown. While the most common form of Shilajit is...
Benefits of Oregano oil

Benefits of Oregano oil- Most Effective Antibiotics known to man

The herbs and greens present around us are no more than 'green nectars'. They are rich in health promoting elements. Today we will be talking about a little herb plant called 'Oregano'. Our considered...

How to Reduce Cholesterol Naturally?

Cholesterol is a fat like substance that helps in various bodily functions like building new cells and producing hormones. Everyone needs cholesterol but not too much because too much cholesterol can cause trouble for...

Herbal Treatment for Ulcerative Colitis – Recommended Diet

Outlook Due to relapsing-remitting pattern, Ulcerative colitis, a digestive tract disorder affects a person's social and psychological well-being. As name clears, inflammation of colon along with ulcers or sores formation which worsts the symptoms of the...