Benefits of Oregano oil- Most Effective Antibiotics known to man

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The herbs and greens present around us are no more than ‘green nectars’. They are rich in health promoting elements. Today we will be talking about a little herb plant called ‘Oregano‘. Our considered topic will be Benefits of Oregano oil. Many of us don’t know but Oregano is the most effective antibiotics known to man in the current date.

WHat are Antibiotics? Many of yours mind must be getting bewildered with the same question, isn’t it! Before moving to our article first we will be talking about antibiotics.

What are Antibiotics?

Antibiotics are chemicals that kill or inhibit the growth of bacteria and are used to treat bacterial infections. Antibiotics either prevent the bacterial cells from multiplying so that the bacterial population remains the same, allowing the host’s defence mechanism to fight the infection or kill the bacteria, for example stopping the mechanism responsible for building their cell walls.

Natural antibiotics are the same as that, they helps to inhibit the functioning of microbes thus curing the ailment.

Information about Oregano:

Oregano is a perennial herb which grows approximately 2 feet in height. It is able to be cultivated worldwide, but originated in the Mediterranean. For herbal treatments, the leaves of the oregano plants as well as the volatile oil are used for medical purposes.

Oregano is known botanically as Origanum vulgare and is called wild marjoram in many parts of Europe since it is closely related to the herb that we know as sweet marjoram. It is a small shrub with multi-branched stems covered with small grayish-green oval leaves and small white or pink flowers. In Mediterranean climates oregano grows as a perennial plant, but in the harsher climates of North America, they grow as annuals.

Benefits of Oregano oil
Benefits of Oregano oil

Uses of Oregano:

  • Oregano is majorly used in cooking purposes.
  • It is mostly used as the topping ingredient in Pizza.
  • Fresh oregano makes an aromatic addition to omelets and frittatas.
  • Sprinkle some chopped oregano onto homemade garlic bread. It gives a very healthy flavor to your snack making your mouth water.
  • Oregano can also be used in Salad dressing, giving it an aromatic flavor.

Now, we shall be talking about the Benefits of Oregano oil. I’m sure, after going through this you will be surprised of its benefits.

Benefits of Oregano oil:

  1. Oregano oil is very effective to cure Cancer, especially the Breast Cancer. It arrests and inhibits the growth of cancerous cells and aids in Cancer.
  2. Scientists have discovered that Oregano herb and its oil is very potent to prevent and lower the risks of Type-2 diabetes.
  3. If you are suffering from Cold or any kind of flu, then oregano oil is a very effective treatment. Being rich in anti-inflammatory properties, it cures all kinds of upper respiratory disorders.
  4. Oregano oil inhibits the growth of E. Coli, Proteus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, bacteria which can cause Urinary Tract Infections.
  5. Oregano oil has been shown to be more effective against the parasitic amoeba Giardia than the drug tinidazol.
  6. Putting 2-2 drops of Oregano oil in nose helps to clear sinus and also relieves in such infections.
  7. During the menstrual period, Oregano oil proves to be very effective to cure the pain. It should be massaged on the lower abdomen to relieve menstrual pain.
  8. Oregano oil also helps to loose weight by lowering the triglycerides and unwanted fat from the body.

So these were the health benefits of Oregano oil. It is a very efficient thing to treat all kinds of health problems. These can be simplified as the nectar on Earth! Take care and Live well.

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