Betel plant benefits: 12 Medicinal uses you can never guess


After having meals, everyone likes to have some dessert items. Pan prepared from betel leaf; is the traditional form of dessert and mouth freshener also. After eating it, our mouth turns reddish due to the juice secreted from several condiments in it. For many, it is a simple mouth freshener but they are unaware that this thing can be highly beneficial. Here, we will talking and describing about Betel plant benefits only.


Betel is the plant which comes under the climber category. The original climbing vine of betel is very pretty and soft. It bears dark-green coloured leaves which are only called ‘Betel leaves’. The leaves are big like those of peepal and are heart-shaped with veins. They are smooth, soft and have a glossy look. The stem is strong and thick at the knots. It also bears flowers which grows in bunch and is spiked. It also produces fruits which are called ‘Betel nuts’. The fruits are 2 inch long, muscular and grows in a bunch. Its taste is slightly warm and fragrant.

The plant is mostly grown in warm and humid regions; especially in areas of Sanchi, Mahoba, Bihar, Orissa, Bengal, Lanka and Malawa’s Rampura-Manpura. Among all the betels, Betel of Banaras is considered to be of the best quality. Dhanvantari nigbantu has described 13 properties of betel which are not available even in heaven.


English name- Betel
Hindi name- Pan, Tambool
Kingdom- Plantae
Family name- Piperaceae
Botanical name- Piper betel
Sanskrit name-  Nagavallari, Nagini, Tambool, Saptashira

Uses of Betel:-

  1. Betel is widely used to prepare pan; a kind of traditional mouth-freshener which is prepared using condiments and betel leaves.
  2. In Hinduism, betel leaves are considered as sacred and used in many ceremonies and occasions.

Chemical composition of Betel-

Betel is a highly beneficial plant. The leaf contains proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and tannin. It also contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, iodine, potassium, phenol, tarpine and many other health components. Betel plant is rich in benefits like it has the capability to cure vatic disorders, cough, pains, potency and many other disorders. Now, we will be talking about its medicinal properties.

Betel Plant Benefits:-


Medicine is something which is meant to cure discomfort and diseases. Herbal medicine; it is the medicine or curing agent prepared using natural substances and herbs. Talking about Betel, it is a great herbal medicine and is liable to cure many disorders. Some of them are listed below-

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1. For Headache-

In case of gastric kind of headache, tie betel leaves on the ear lobes. It cures headache in few minutes.

2. For Heart diseases-

In case of any kind of heart problem;

  • Betel can be consumed in case of weakness in heart, paining etc.
  • Betel leaves squash should be given to the heart patient. It cures cough and weakened state of digestive fire.

3. Betel plant benefits for Night blindness-

  • Take the leaves of betel and extract its juice.
  • Put drops of betel juice in eyes.
  • It is beneficial to cure night blindness.

4. For Paediatric Influenza-

  • Warm a betel leaf and smear it with castor oil.
  • Tie it on the chest of the child.
  • It eradicates the cold and also controls anxiety and uneasiness.

5. For Sweet voice-

If you are willing to improve the quality of voice, then;

  • Suck the root of betel plant.
  • It makes the voice clear and sweet.
  • The root is very beneficial to release any cough deposited in the throat.
  • Also beneficial in curing the voice hoarseness.

6. For Diphtheria-

  • The the juice of betel leaves to the patient.
  • Also give juice of its 2-5 leaves in lukewarm water for gargles.
  • It cures the swelling of throat and releases the cough.
  • Or, give 3-4 ml juice of its leaves with honey. It cures dry cough.
  • Grind its tender branch and give this to the patient with honey.
  • It gives relief in cough and cold.

7. Betel plant benefits for Proper digestion-

  • Betel leaves should be sucked on a regular basis as it aids in curing the gas formation and enhances the production of saliva.
  • People who eat betel are safe from disorders caused due to pollution and UV rays.

8. For weakness-

  • Mix hot betel juice and give 25 ml of this to the patient twice a day.
  • It eliminates the weakness from the body.

9. For Chronic rhinitis-

  • Grind betel root along with liquorice rot.
  • Give this to the patient with honey.
  • It cures cold related disorders.

10. For Swelling in joints-

  • Heat the betel leaves.
  • And tie them on the swollen area.
  • It relieves the pain and also dissolves the swelling.

11. For Fever-

  • Give 3.5 gm warm extract of betel, 2-3 times a day. It cures fever.

12. For Wounds-

  • In case of wounds of wounds of ulcers, tie the betel leaves on it. It helps to heal the wounds faster.

In this way we saw how this simple plant can be so much beneficial. This is a climber plant and is highly beneficial. Guys, after all green colour signs for longevity and greenery itself. So, go green and live well!

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