10 Health benefits of Vegetable plant- Celery

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Celery is a well-known vegetable plant known by all. The leaves, looks similar as those of cilantro. Do you know, this very plant is rich in health benefits. Today we will be telling you 10 benefits of Celery plant.

How does Celery plant looks?

celery plant

growing celery plant

Celery plants are small herbs like Ajowan. It is 1-3 ft tall, bearing white umbrella-like flowers. The leaves are separate with graded margins.

Where it is found and grown?

Celery is grown all over India, especially in West Bengal at the onset of winter season. It grows very well in the northern and western areas of Himalayas and Punjab.Plant bear flowers in Feb-March and fruits in March-April after which the plant dies.

flowers of celery

flowers of celery

Chemical composition:

Celery has a camphor like chemical- apiloa that is oily, pungent and slippery. In addition, it contains sulphur, a volatile oil, albumen, slime and some other salts.


Celery plant suppresses kapha and vata, elevates pitta and is a pain reliever. It has a problem too, the consumption can give you heartburn. It is very effective in curing piles and stones in kidney or gallbladder. Since it treats digestive system, it is one of the main medicines for stomach disorders.

seeds of celery

seeds of celery

Nomenclature of Celery plant:

English name– Celery, Celery seeds

Hindi name– Ajmod

Sanskrit name– Ajmoda, Bastmoda, Markati

Bengali name– Randhuni, Aajmood, Banani

Gujrati name– Ajmod, baudi Ajmo

Kingdom– Plantae

Family name- Apiaceae

Scientific name- Apium graveolens

Now let us talk about the health benefits of Celery. I’m sure, after reading this you will be amazed of its properties.

Health benefits of Celery plant:

1. Cures Toothache

  • Burn the whole plant of celery and inhale the fumes.
  • It cures toothache.

2. Good for Asthma

  • Take the decoction prepared of celery leaves, twice a day.
  • It is beneficial in curing asthma and any type of lung disorders.

3. Treats Hiccoughs-

  • In case of hiccoughs after meals, take 10-15 celery seeds and keep it in mouth.
  • It immediately stops hiccoughs.

4. Eradicates Gastric problems-

  • Take 3-6 gm celery powder with 10 gm jaggery, 3-4 times a day.
  • It is good for all types of gastric disorders.

5. Uproots Urinary Infection

  • Take 2-5 gm celery root powder, every morning and evening.
  • It is beneficial in curing urinary infections.

6. Dissolves Stones

  • Take 1.5 to 3 gm celery powder, 10 gm radish leaves juice and 500 mg yavakshar.
  • Mix them all and take this mixture, two times for a few days.
  • It helps dissolve the stones which then get easily removed from the body.

7. Aids in Intestinal worms

  • For children who have worms in intestine.
  • Put celery seeds on fire and let the child inhale the fumes.
  • It can also be applied as a paste on stomach.
  • It kills intestinal worms.

8. Cures Oedema-

  • Take 10-20 gm decoction of celery roots or 2-5 gm powder, twice to thrice a day.
  • It is beneficial in curing oedema and pain.

9. Cures Fever-

  • Swallow 4 gm celery seeds with cold water every morning.
  • It cures fever and cold.

10. Helpful treatment in Arthritis

  • Take celery, vayabidang, devdaru, chitrak, root of pipalla, aniseed and black pepper.
  • Take each ingredient in 10 gm quantity.
  • Also take harad, vidhara and shunthi, 100 gm each.
  • Grind them all to form a fine powder.
  • Mix 6 gm of this powder with old jaggery.
  • Give it to the patient three times a day.
  • It is very good to cure arthritis, back and thigh pain.

Contradictions before using Celery:

  1. Celery causes burning sensation in the chest. It is also uterine stimulant, thus a pregnant woman should not use or consume this.
  2.  Patients of hysteria should not consume it.

These were the health benefits of Celery. It is really a healthful and medicinal plant. Share the post to all and do share your experiences with us. Take care and live well!

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