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Plant of Anatmool

8 Health benefits of Medicinal Herb- Anantmool

Anantmool or Hemidesmus is an Ayurvedic herb, used to treat numerous diseases and ailments. It is an ingredient in Ayurvedic medicines, used for its medicinal properties. Today we will be describing you the health benefits...
trailing eclipta

15 Amazing Health benefits of Bhringraj Herb

Bhringraj or Trailing Eclipta is a small herb which is simply miracle in itself. Today we will be telling you 215 health benefits of Bhringraj. You will really get surprised of its usages and...
Baheda tree with fruits

10 Medicinal benefits of Ayurvedic herb- Baheda

Ayurvedic medicines comprises of several herbs and ingredients; baheda is one of them. It is regarded as one of the precious and the important herb in Ayurvedic culture. The plant of Baheda is found all...