8 Health benefits of Medicinal Herb- Anantmool

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Anantmool or Hemidesmus is an Ayurvedic herb, used to treat numerous diseases and ailments. It is an ingredient in Ayurvedic medicines, used for its medicinal properties. Today we will be describing you the health benefits of this miraculous herb.

Hemidesmus is a creeper plant which grows on trees. It has a very simpler look, but don’t go on its look, it is filled with medicinal properties.

Appearance of Anantmool herb:

Plant of Anatmool
Plant of Anatmool

Anantmool or Hemidesmus bears round oily branches which have vertical stripes on it. The branches are white and fragrant. It has leaves of different shapes, dark green in color and arranged in opposite directions.  The seeds of Hemidesmus have white stripes from top to bottom.

Nomenclature of Anantmool herb:

leaves of Anantmool Hemidesmus
leaves of Anantmool

English name– Hemidesmus, Indian Sarsaparilla

Hindi name– Anantmool

Sanskrit name– Ananta, Saariva, Gopakanya

Kingdom– Plantae

Family name– Asclepiadaceae

Botanical name– Hemidesmus indicus

Chemical properties of Anantmool herb:

The fresh root of Hemidesmus contains a very small quantity of volatile oil and two sterols named, Hemerdestrol and Homidesmol. It also contains rennin, tannins, carbohydrates, sapomin and very small quantities of glycosides.

Now, we shall be moving to the health benefits of Anantmool. It is really a miraculous herb and do miracles for your health. Let’s have a look to it.

Health benefits of Anantmool herb:

anantmool powder
anantmool powder

1. Aids in Tooth problems-

  • Crush the leaves of Hemidesmus leaves and keep them between teeth.
  • As the juice gets to your teeth, it cures toothache.
  • It is also very beneficial for several tooth related problems.

2. Treats Asthma

  • Give 4 gm anantmool root and 4 gm powder of leaves of Malabar nut with milk.
  • Give this dosage twice a day to the patient.
  • It provides relief in Asthma and gastric problems.

3. Enhance Hair growth-

  • Give the powder of anantmool root with water.
  • Give the dosage as thrice a day.
  • It enhance hair growth and treats baldness.

4. Aid in abdominal pain-

  • Grind 2-3 gm Anantmool root in water.
  • Give this water to the patient.
  • It cures abdominal pain.

5. Reduces Burning sensation-

  • Fry Anantmool powder in ghee.
  • Take 500 mg to 1 gm powder with 5 gm sugar.
  • Continue the dosage for a few days.
  • It cures body heat developed owing to pox or typhoid.

6. Treats Joint pain-

  • Give 3 gm powder of anantmool root with honey, thrice a day.
  • It reduces the stiffness and pain in joints.

7. Reduces Chronic Fever-

  • Wrap 2 gm powder of Anantmool root bark and betel leaf smeared with catechu and chuna.
  • Give this to the patient.
  • It cures chronic fever in a eased manner.

8. For Healthy and fair childbirth

  • Prepare hot infusion of anantmool root, and mix with milk and sugar candy.
  • Give this to the pregnant woman regularly.
  • It ensures that the foetus is not aborted.
  • This treatment can be started even before the woman conceives and can be continued till delivery.
  • It ensures that the child is healthy and has fair complexion.

So in this way you saw the benefits of Anantmool. Many of us think it as simple plant, without any use. Always remember, anything that grow in soil is always having some properties in it. Always belive in natural products and stay well.

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