Stretch your body with Parighasana

Parighasana : You should Stretch your body with this Yoga pose

Stretching is considered as the prime task and thing in all the exercises and yoga too. It massages your body parts and makes it fluent and well-maintained. Today, let's give our body a massage...
Kukkutasana yoga pose

Re-energize your body nerves with Yoga pose- Kukkutasana

Many times you will notice, you feel numbness in your hands and shoulders. This can be due to many factors as well as lack of proper massage. Today we will be telling you about...
Yogasanas for a flexible body

5 Yogasanas for a flexible body

Introduction:- Hello my lovely readers. Today I will explain 5 Yogasanas for a flexible body in this article. Everyone wills to have a flexible, strong and healthy body. When we are infant, our body parts...
home remedies for migraine

Causes of Migraine and its Home Remedies

Migraine can become very disturbing in our day to day life and it’s a common issue that we face very frequently. They can be immediately treated with medications but overuse of such symptomatic medications...