Viparita Karani pose

Viparita karani pose to keep your body fit and healthy

Everyone has the will to lead a healthy and blissful life. We run a lot, but this thing remains a dream. Today we will be telling about a yoga pose called Viparita karani which...
Tolangulasana yoga pose

Strengthen your hands and feet with Yoga- Tolangulasana

Today we will be talking about a yogasana, which is meant to strengthen your hands and feet. It is called Tolangulasana. It is medium in toughness but very effective. Let us talk about it. What...
Bitilasana yoga pose

Keep your neck and shoulder fit with Yoga pose- Bitilasana

Every yoga pose is mend with some benefits in it. Today our topic is on Cow pose also called Bitilasana. It has several benefits, but mostly known to keep your neck and shoulders fit...
Karnapidasana yoga pose

Strengthen your Spine with Yoga pose- Karnapidasana

Our spine or vertebral column helps to keep our back erect and fit. Now strengthen this, through the medium of Yoga. Today we will be talking about a yoga pose for spine strength called...