Kukkutasana yoga pose

Re-energize your body nerves with Yoga pose- Kukkutasana

Many times you will notice, you feel numbness in your hands and shoulders. This can be due to many factors as well as lack of proper massage. Today we will be telling you about...
Lotus Pose or Padmasana

Yoga pose Padmasana for better concentration and memory

Meditation and Concentrating is the best way to increase your memory and overall personality. Today we will be telling you about a yoga pose; called Padmasana which is meant for the same. What is...
Uttanapadasana yoga pose

Yogasana for Backache treatment- Uttanapadasana

Due to many factors, we suffer from back problems especially the backache. Today we will be telling about a yoga pose which is especially meant for this purpose. It is called Uttanapadasana. What is...
tadasana yoga pose

Increase your height naturally with yoga pose- Tadasana

Good height reflects an attractive personality. Today we will be telling you a yoga pose, which is actually meant to increase height naturally. It is Tadasana. What is Tadasana? Tadasana also called 'Mountain pose' is...