7 ways to take care of babies in their first summer


So this is going to be the first summer of your baby ha! You must be very worried and searching all around in web, how to care your baby in their first summers. Today I will be sharing 7 ways to take care of babies in their first summers, without leaving any harsh effects on them. 

Why should we get more curious about baby’s first summer?

Not just summer, this care thing applies for the baby in every new season. Suppose you baby is born in Nov-Dec, then winter has either started or going to start. So it will be the first winter for your baby. You need to keep all the woolens, oils and other essentials ready for your baby to face this climate, 

Now, summer is going to start and for many newborns or infants it is going to be the first weather they will face. 

Difference when baby is in womb and when they are outside in new world?

Its totally a new thing they face when those tiny angels comes to this world! Being very safe and cozy in womb, they find it very different in the outer world. Inside the womb, they are like fish in the water; covered with amniotic fluid which provides warmth and safety to them. 

Just born babies find it very different, as their environment changes suddenly in the outer world. That is why, whatever the climate is pediatritions always suggests to make newborn wear caps, socks and mittens always; atleast for first two months of their life. 

Now let’s come back to our topic, where we will discover the ways how to care an infant during the first summer. 

7 ways to take care of babies in their first summers

1. Bath them twice a day

Doctors advise to give a thorough bath to your baby, after 8 days or after the umbilical stump has fully dried. Before that you should prefer sponge bath, avoiding the navel region. When the weather is extremelly hot, you can give bath or sponge twice a day; one in morning and another in evening. 

Always prefer lukewarm water for the baby, with homemade ubtan or mild body cleanser. As the weather is hot, you can also make your baby enjoy the water like a game. This will be a fun activity for them and they will also stay cool and calm. 

This will make them feel relaxed and cool and will keep them going all-day long. If you feel to skip the evening bath, then you can just change their clothes.

2. Massaging will soothe them

Oil massage makes the baby feel good and happy. Not just this it has lots of other benefits, regarding their mental development to physical one. A newborn should be massaged about 3-4 times a day. 

baby massage

It ensures their proper growth and also relives the body pains. During summer, we can use the coconut oil as it is very cool in nature and suits to almost all the babies. Massaging also gives them sound sleep and helps to keep heat at bay.

3. Feed them frequently

When the baby is below 6 months of age, he/she is only on breastfeeding or formula feed. They are not allowed to have water also! So the baby should be well fed all the time to stay away from hot sun. If the baby is on breastfeed, then mother should take a ample amount of water and balance diet. 

baby enjoying food

This will help the baby to stay hydrated and full of energy. 

4. Choose the right clothes

During summers, many of the baby suffers from prickly heat and heat rashes. Uncomfortable and wrong fabric can be also the reason for this! During the hot weather, thin cotton clothes are best for the baby. 

It should be one size loose to make them feel comfortable. Use light coloured, half-sleeve cotton clothes. Instead of full pants, make them wear cotton nappies or half pants. 

5. Choose the right skin products for the baby

Choosing the right products or your baby is as important as choosing right food for your baby. Baby products should be unscented or very light scented, mild, gentle and free from parabens and chemicals. It should majorly consist of natural ingredients like coconut, jojoba, almonds, milk cream, aloe vera etc. 

Many people also likes to use natural things like aloe vera, milk cream etc on  baby’s skin. The effects may differ from baby to baby, so always consult your doctor before starting anything new on your baby’s delicate skin. 

If your are using powder for baby, then use in very less quantity as heavy applying on skin may clog the pores leading the sweat trapped inside. Also if the powder goes near to nasal chamber it can cause choking. So even if you are using the thing, use in very less quantity. 

For bathing purpose you can use the paste of curd, multani mitti, besan and turmeric. It is very good for all skin types and also keeps the skin clean and moisturized naturally. ‘

6. Don’t take your baby out in the peak time

When the summer is on its top, you should avoid taking your baby out in the peak time. 10 am to 4-5 pm in the evening is the peak time when the air is very hot and its burning outside. 

Stay at home in this period to avoid any kind of skin issues. 

7. Check with the room temperature

As summer comes, we start using air conditioners, coolers, fan etc very speedly. You must know, using such specially a.c always can be bad for your baby. Their body will get adapted to artificial cooling agents, thus can be bad in future references. 

Use those in medium speed and only as much which is comfortable for the kid. Instead of keeping them cool from outside, focus on keeping them hydrated and internally cool. It will be much helpful to combat the burning summer. 

These were some of the tips which will help you to tae care of your baby in their first summer. First summer can really be scary for your little one. Go wisely and keep them safe. 

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Take care and stay well. 

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