Sample Postnatal Diet Chart for lactating mothers


During the 9 months of pregnancy, our body undergoes several changes. It demands lots of energy to stay going and fit as well. After delivery, to maternal and baby’s health it is very important to follow a healthy diet. Here in this article, we will be discussing what should be a healthy diet for lactating mother and how to maintain their postnatal health with postnatal diet

What should be in a diet of lactating mother?

Now when you are a mother, your have a new responsibility to take care the nutition of your newborn. When the baby is inside you, he/she is automatically getting the nutrition by your food intake. 

healthy diet for new mother

Now when the baby is outside, you need to feed him in regular intervals. A healthy postnatal diet should consist of all kinds of nutritive elements like carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, fats and everything. 

In simple words, as in a party or function; there your plate has all variety of foods; which looks colourful and nice. Same should be a food plate of new mother. All kinds of healthy things in right proportion. 

Importance of healthy postnatal diet:

A healthy postnatal diet does a lot for both mother and the baby. It has numerous benefits, which aslso keeps any kind of infection or depression at bay.

Following are some of the benefits of a healthy postnatal diet. 

  1. A healthy diet is the key to produce healthy breastmilk
  2. Keeps Postpartum depression at bay
  3. Recovers mother body and gets back it to normal shape
  4. Promotes strength to take care of developing child
  5. Healthy food helps mother feel good
  6. A healthy mother means a healthy baby
  7. Quality and quantity milk production

Now we shall be giving you a sample postnatal diet plan which will show, what should be there in a  new mother’s diet. The meal things may vary according to your availability, region, allergic information and all such. 

We will be givin option for both vegetarian as well as a non-vegetarian type. You can change the food type as per your doctor guidance; like many people feel acidity or gas with some specific food whereas, some feel it okay due to good digestion and body type. 

postnatal diet care tips

Now let’s see our sample diet plan for postnatal period. 

TimeMeal TypeMeal
6:00 amPre-breakfastMilk with marie biscuits/ Milk with soaked peeled almonds, handful of dry fruits (walnuts, cashews, raisins and figs)
8:00- 8:30 amBreakfastPoha/ Idli (urad or vegetable idli)/ Stuffed paratha/ Upma/ Whole wheat sandwich with vegetables, 1 boiled egg
10:00- 10:30 amMid- snackFruit bowl/ Vegetable soup/ fresh juice/ lassi/ Corn chat/ Milkshake
12: 30- 1:00 pmLunchDal, Rice, 1 dry and 1 gravy curry/ Chicken or Fish curry/ Salads/ 1 cup of curd/ 2 chappatis/ Brown rice/ Rajma rice/ Sambar
4:00- 4: 30 pmEvening SupperDry fruits/ Boiled corn/ Vegetable Idli/ Pullihora/ Tea, Coffee/ Chicken soup/ Any seasonal fruit
8:00- 8:30 pmDinner1/2 cup of rice (fried or plain), 2 Chappatis/ butter paratha, Fried fish/ Chicken curry/ Salads/ 1 gravy curry
9:00- 9:30 pmPost dinnerMilk with dates
Postnatal Diet with time period.

This is our diet plan which consist all kinds of healthy things and must be taken by a lactating mother. However, as we said earlier, one can take out changes in this as per their availability, region, weather and type of delivery. 

Tips to remember for a healthy postnatal recovery:

  • Include lots of fresh vegetables in your diet. It should be seasonal, and you need not to include very expensive vegetables. Just follow according to the season. 
  • Use very less spices in your diet; using heavy and spicy food amy lead to constipation which may also pass to your baby via milk. 
  • In between you can add homemade sweets or some other things like that. 
  • For non-vegetarians, they should avoid mutton as it has lots of fats which may incease your weight more. 
  • Use fresh and seasonal fruits as per your availability and temperature. 
  • Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated, 80% of the breastmmilk is made from water only. 
  • Use ghee in your food but in limited quantity. Many people find ghee heavy and tough to digest. 
  • During summers, include lots of water, watery fruits, coconut water, sugarcane juice etc. T will not only keep you hydrated but will also keep your baby healthy. 

So in this way we saw our healthy postnatal diet. It is very important for a new mother to take care of her diet. Share your views regarding the postnatal diet with us. Take care and stay well. 

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