8 Common eye defects everyone should know about

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In this environment and atmosphere, our tender eye has to suffer from numerous disorders called eye defect. Today let’s talk about 8 common eye defects. As we grow older, our eye starts getting weakened and thus suffers from many problems.

Common reasons for common eye defects:

eye problem
eye problem
  • Older age
  • Weakening of eye muscles
  • Exterior factors like dust and pollution
  • Hereditary causes
  • Nutritional deficiency etc.

Now let us talk about common eye problems.

8 common Eye defects:

1. Myopia-

Also called short-sightedness, it is a condition in which the near objects can be seen clearly whereas distant objects appear blurred.


In it, the image of distant objects is formed in front of the retina, for which there may be two reasons either; the eyeball is lengthened from front to back or the lens is too curved.


This defect can be corrected by suitable concave lens which causes the light rays to diverge before they strike the lens of the eye.

Most people suffer from this defect and glasses used is mentioned in minus.

2. Hypermetropia:

Also called far sightedness, it is a condition in which there is difficulty in seeing near objects.


In it, the image of near object falls behind the retina.


In this, a proper convex lens is required to correct it. The power of the glasses used is mentioned in plus.

3. Astigmatism-

It is a defect in which some parts of the object are seen in focus, while others are blurred. It arises due to the uneven curvature of the cornea.

It is corrected by cylindrical lenses.

4. Presbyopia-

It is a condition affecting older people who cannot see near objects clearly. Their lens loses flexibility resulting in a kind of farsightedness. This again is corrected by a convex lens.

5. Cataract-

In this the lens tirns opaque and the vision is cut down even to total blindness.

It can be corrected by surgically removing the lens, and by using spectacles with highly convex lenses, compensating for the missing lens.

A newer technique can also be done, in which a small plastic lens is implanted behind or in front of the iris.

6. Night-blindness:

It is a condition in which a person feels difficulty in seeing in dim light as during the night.


This is due to non-formation of the pigment visual purple of the rods. Only rods function in dim light and in the absence of pigment, they cannot function.

This is usually due to the deficiency of vitamin A which is required for the synthesis of the pigment.

7. Colour blindness-

Some people by birth cannot differentiate between certain colors such as red and green. This is due to the genetic effect. It is called colour blindness.

The males mostly suffer from this defect and is rare in females.

8. Conjunctivitis-

The conjunctiva is a thin membrane covering the entire front part of the eye. Conjunctivitis is a viral eye disease, in which the outermost layer (conjunctiva) turns red due to viral infection.

It is communicable so can catch to nearby persons.

Our eyes are the most sensitive sense organs. These make us able to see this world, otherwise, it will look black everywhere!

This to give long life to your eyes

healthy eye tips
healthy eye tips

With a few smaller steps, you can give longevity to eyes. Following are the tips.

  • Rinse your eyes with clean water 34 times a day.
  • If any dust particle enters your eyes, don’t rub it. Put some splash of water and rinse.
  • Eat vitamin a rich foods like carrot, tomato, fish, green vegetables etc. This will maintain your eyesight.
  • If your eyes are not operated and you are 18+, then put Patanjali Drishti eye drop twice a week in both the eyes.

Our eyes are precious. Even after you die, make a will for eye donation. It will give light to someone’s eye.

And even if you are not there, your eyes will see the world!

Hope you guys like the post. Share this to all and do not forget to leave a comment below. Take care and live well!

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