Herbal remedies to increase Eyesight naturally

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Eyes; are the most precious organ of our body which enables us to see this beautiful world, to enjoy the beautiful colours of the nature and to make our life live. Just imagine the life of blind ones and those who can’t see! Everywhere dark, listening beautiful charms but not able to enjoy them. Life become very imperfect without eyes and eyesight. Nature has provided us two eyes to have the complete glimpse of this world and creations. With the development of society and human brains, eye problems are also increasing.

Have you ever heard, that our ancestors used any kind of spectacles or any kind of eye remedies? It doesn’t means that, during that period there were no invention of all these or was not so popular even! That time, the surroundings and atmosphere was so pure that eye problems were rare or negligible. But in the present date, leave about older; even the kids of 5-6 age groups can be seen with spectacles. Isn’t it shocking or very strange! Kids and youngsters are the future of this world, if those are only having such problems then, sure upcoming generation has to suffer with blurred life!

Eyes and Eyesight:-

Healthy and beautiful eyes
Healthy and beautiful eyes

Eyes are the small round organs which provides us vision. The anatomy of eyes is quite twisted and tougher as other organs. There are certain parts present which as its own functions; cornea, retina, iris, pupil, vitreous humour, aqueous humour, eyelids, optical nerves etc all comes under this. The most important part of our eye ‘Cornea’; it has two types of cells called rods and cone cells. They enables us to identify the colours and also for night and day vision. You must have heard about Eye transplant; in this procedure not the full eye but only the cornea is removed; that gives vision and blessing of sight to other person.

You must be thinking, how eyes enables us to see. Can anybody see in dark? No, why so. When there is lack of medium, our eyes becomes of no use. When light falls on a surface and then strikes or get reflected to our eyes i.e., Cornea; that enables us to vision. Now, we shall be discussing about problems related to eyes.

Problems related to Eyes:-

Low eyesight cure
Low eyesight cure

Nature has provided us a pair of eyes which helps us to see. But due to several factors, lack of nutrition and other factors; our eyesight gets decreased. And unfortunately, we have to get dependent on artificial measures like surgeries, glasses, lens, eye drops etc like that. Who likes to carry always a spectacle on eyes? It also becomes a social stigma; when some starts calling you with names like chashmish etc. The main reasons for eye defects are; reading in dim or excess bright light, reading in trains and buses, excess watching of television, artificial food, mental strain, improper blood and nerve supply and so on.

It makes us mentally obstructed and stressed. Guess if some magic happens, and our eyes again get nourished and achieves correct vision! Many of you must be thinking it as impossible!But guys, now this thing is possible. You can again get back your fully nourishes, natural and visualized eyes. And this will not happen by any magic, this change will be conducted by you and your dedication. Now, we will be talking about some of the herbal remedies through which one can remove their unwanted glasses and get natural vision.

In this treatment procedure we have divided the topics into several parts. This is all for the readers convenience and for a good and suitable follow-up routine.

  1. Diet
  2. Daily Routine
  3. Home remedies
  4. Yogasanas and Pranayama

So, lets proceed to the above listed points and know how actually these factors cures the eyesight problems.

Cure for eyesight problem
Cure for eyesight problem

1. Diet:-

diet means the food and drinks we consume. For a good sight and health, proper diet is very important. Keep in mind, you are what you eat! Most of the eye defects appears due to wrong diet and lack of proper nourishment. Following are the diet tips important to cure eyesight problems-

  • Natural and uncooked foods are the best diet.
  • You should  include stuffs like grapes, peaches, plums, cherries, turnips, beetroot, carrots, dried fruits and dairy products.
  • Nans, cakes, pastries, white sugar, refined flour white bread, confectionary, tea etc should be avoided.
  • You must include lots of Vitamin A and calcium in your diet.

2. Daily Routine-

Just compare the physique and health of one who is strict with the daily life and one who is very lazy and leading a sedentary life. You will observe a great difference; those who are regular and fit with the routine are always healthy and free from ailments.

  • Keeping eyes clean; can abide many eye diseases. Splash cold or normal water in eyes; thrice for four times a day.
  • You can also use an eye drop named; Drishti eye drop. It is very shrilly and made of onion, lemon, ginger and honey. It is very good for eyes only if your eyes are not operated.
  • Waking at 6:00 am is the best time. This time sun rays and atmosphere is very soothing.
  • Walking on green tender grasses barefoot is a good way to increase eyesight in a natural way.
  • Drink 3-4 litres of water daily. If your body is hydrated then eye problems will stay at bay.

3. Home Remedies-

  • Before going to bed, massage your leg soles with warm mustard oil.
  • It is also good to apply few drops of mustard oil on leg thumbs; 10 minutes before going for bath.
  • Press you thumb and finger tips; it is an acupressure therapy and teats really well.
  • Have an ample sleep of 6-7 hours at night. Give your eyes rest; when feeling sleepy and stiff then relax for 15 minutes.
  • Take the cucumber slices and keep it over the eyes. It generates cooling action, thus aids in curing defective vision.

4. Yogasanas and Pranayama-

It is the prime remedy for eyesight cure. As a fact, those who are bound with Pranayama and yogacises daily; never suffers from such problems. Especially the Pranayama, many times vision problems even gets cures with Pranayama only. Following are the list of Yoga and Pranayama which can be done on a daily basis for optimum benefits;



So, these we the natural tips and methods which are beneficial to cure Eye defects. Natural remedies are the best ones to cure ailments. Take care and live well!

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