How to increase immunity


Health is the ultimate wealth, well it may sound too clichéd but it is true. Nothing feels better than staying healthy and our body deserves all the kudos. Our immune system is like that shield that won’t let a thing harm you and take care of all your health issues. So yes! It comes down to us to take care of our immunity

Initial researches show that change in lifestyle and fooding habits work for the good. An approaching ailment is gotten rid by the body by increasing temperatures and coping up with the viruses. When struck with an ailment our body does it all to resist it, and it also becomes our responsibility to help it in the process. So what should we do to improve our immunity? Eat? Exercise? Drink more water? We will answer just that today!

Below 10 health tips will give an idea how to increase immunity

  1. Quit Drinking or Smoking – Apart from a million reasons to quit them, one of them would be that they harm your immunity to a level where you will be unable to ward off even the minor flu. Smoking and Drinking has for long been considered one of the worst things you could do to your body.
  2. Don’t forget Fruits and Veggies – Being rich in vitamins, anti-oxidants and other body needs, Fruits and Vegetables are a perfect blend of nature’s essentials to help you improve your immunity. Your body needs a perfect mix of Vitamins and supplements that build your cells strong, and these are the right choice.
  3. Exercise regularly and maintain a healthy weight – We know that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body, and one cannot overlook the verity in the statement. Exercising and keeping check on your weight is a great way to keep your bodily functions well, which improves the overall immunity in the body. Obesity on any level is considered bad and is harmful for your body. So if you think you are on the way to obesity, hit the gym or yoga today!
  4. Get regular sleep – Well isn’t it great to just lie down and sleep? It is even better when you sleep on a set pattern; your body gets accustomed to the dormancy periods and adjusts the immunity levels accordingly. Also, sleep is a great stress reliever. So if you are a disciplined sleep-er you sure are to be able to ward off diseases and stau healthy.
  5. Alter your diet for the good – Food is what makes us! So try to get only the best into you. Eat unprocessed food to the maximum and maintain a healthy balance between the healthy side and junk. Eat anti-oxidants, vitamins and macronutrient rich foods to keep you going and keeping you replenished, which will act like a shield against any virus!
  6. Understand the needs of your body – Truth is that everybody needs a special mix and attention, understand the concept of micro and macro nutrients and build your diet on that foundation. Find out for youself how your daily diet is made up and calculate the claories and vitamins you intake. Balance them out regularly. You can always visit a dietician to help you get a set routine.
  7. Do not resort to medicines often – Medicines are an enemy of your immune system working naturally. To get your immunity strong, you need to trust it. Do not intake medicines for the simplest of ailments and let your body do its work. The more you let your immunity function, more are the chances of building it. So stay away from emdicnes if you have common cold, flu or any other common ailment.
  8. Consider intaking probiotics – Probiotics are a mix of good bacteria and vitamins which help your body build up a strong immunity and in the ling run pay off.

Truth is we can always write a bunch of things for you to follow but it boils down to how you take them. A proper motivation and dedication is required to maintain a healthy lifestyle as it is not that easy. Everything is connected to your body, from your thoughts to your diet to your atmosphere, and it becomes your responsibility to take care of them. Remember to be stress free, exercise frequently, eat well and maintain a healthy weight!

Everything will affect your ability to ward off ailments and we know you would love it to be strong! Do tell us how you liked the article! Good luck!  

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