5 Wi-Fi damage to the body you may not be knowing

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In the present era, which is known as the ‘world of technologies‘ we use several communication methods, that are quite advanced. Wi-Fi is one of them, it is the most commonly used and advanced method of communication.

As every thing as two aspects, same thing relies with wi-fi too. If it connects people, from two corners of the world, then it also has some disadvantages in it.

First let us see what is Wi-Fi actually.

Wi-Fi is a wireless connection of network, which connects several devices especially the mobile phones. It emits invisible, high-frequency rays, which makes an electromagnetic field.

How does it affects our health? Let us take an example of ‘radiotherapy‘ which is usually done in malignant cancers. It uses high-frequency rays which kills the developing cancer cells. It also kills some of the healthy cells, that is why indulged with several harmful effects too.

Same case is there with wifi rays. It is not so harmful and allergic, but can be very fatal for future references.

Today we will be telling you the 5 harmful effects to using Wi-Fi:

Harmful effects of using Wi-Fi for health:

Effects of WiFi on health
Effects of WiFi on health

1. Increases the chances of Infertility-

These kinds of wireless frequencies may prevent egg plantation and also results in several damage reproductive system. Especially among males, it reduces thee formation of sperms or forms weaker ones.

The heat generated from such devices kills the sperm, and in future references also leads to infertility.

2. Development of Cancer

The high frequency radiation in wifi routers, can be the possible cause of cancer. These electromagnetic radiations, increases the risk of tumor development.

The frequent waves of wi-fi commonly causes breast cancer. According to the studies, it has been concluded that 6 out of 10 those who were using wifi, suffered from breast cancer.

3. Distracts Child growth-

Childhood is a very beautiful phase of overall development. Many times, without our knowledge some unwanted things affects those developing lives. The frequencies from cellular phones, disrupt normal growth and even leads to various psychological problems.

Wi-fi increases developmental issues which can be very fatal.

4. Delays Brain development-

Over using of such wireless connections, can be the foremost cause of delayed brain development. It has been found that people exposed to wireless networks, specially the 4G, always have lesser brain alertness and development.

It reduces brain activity and makes you affected of several mental disorders.

5. Contributes in Insomnia

Sleeplessness or Insomnia is a very common problem, seen in today’s person. In this the person gets unable to sleep which results in several other health disorders. Do you know, your routers, laptops, cellular phones etc can be doing this. The high frequency rays, damages your nervous system which slowly makes you unable to concentrate and sleep even.

In this way we saw, how WiFi can be hazarding your health. Still, what can we do? For some, using such devices becomes very important and a kind of job.

If you can’t stop it, then simply minimize its effects. Following are some of the tips which may help you to stay safe and protected from such rays.

Tips to minimize the effect of Wi-Fi-

Wifi for health
  • Never place your wi-fi router in bedroom or in kids room. Placing it at living rooms and drawing-room doesn’t do harm.
  • When not using, turn off the connection so that the effect gets reduced.
  • Make sure you are 10-12 ft away from the direct device for maximum of the time.
  • Allow the sunlight and fresh air to enter the room of wi-fi device. It reduces the harmful effect making it comfortable for your lives.

Hope you like the article, and it was informative to you all. Our lives is in our hands, it is on you how you care it. Take care and live well!

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