5 Simpler ways to get rid of House Lizards

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Yikes, house lizards! Nome of us likes house lizards, they are such the hateable reptiles which makes us feel awkward and frustrated. Unknowingly, lizards enters our home and makes it a kind of lizard residence. So how to get rid of those! today we will be telling you 5 easy ways to get rid of house lizards easily.

We purchase expensive gadgets, fences or go for pest control methods to get rid of lizards. Why to spend so much money, when you can do it at your own! Yes, here we will be describing some of the easier ways to chase lizards away from your house.

House lizards mostly seen during summer and misty seasons. In winters, they go for hibernation and thus disappears. It is summer and many of you must be noticing those reptiles at your home. Now, kick them out and make your house free from pests.

house lizards
Home remedies for house lizards

5 Ways to get rid of house lizards:

1. Go with eggs shells-

This idea sounds awkward, but is very effective to chase lizards from home. After using the eggs, take its broken shells and keep it on the susceptible places where house lizards hide. They hates the smell of egg. It is a natural lizard repellent, which is very effective.

2. Use naphthalene balls-

We all use naphthalene balls to avoid bugs and other tiny pests. Do you know that you can even use it to keep away terrifying lizards from your house? Yes it is true. As other pests, lizards too hates the smell. Keep it in the places where lizards are common. You are not going to find them again, just with few uses.

3. Colourful birds feathers-

Any insect is feared of birds. They are the food of birds, so they stay away from them. You just need to follow the same idea. Get some colourful feathers of birds like kingfisher, pelican, peacock etc. Lizards, especially are scared of peacock feathers. Just put it at your place and see the magic. Lizards will pack their bags and say good-bye to your home.

4. Garlic and Onion remedy-

Pungent smell is hated by lizards. Here you can use the simple pieces of onion and garlic. Just hang them anywhere your house or in the susceptible places for lizards. The smell will make them leave your beautiful place. Better use, red onions and desi garlic, as they are more pungent thus effective.

5. Coffee powder-

This is one of the best and the effective method to get rid of house lizards. Make the small balls of coffee and tobacco.Place them inside your bed, refrigerators and other places where lizards are common. The lizards will eat those balls, they will either die or leave your place at own.

So, these were the 5 easy methods to chase house lizards. I think many of you must be engaged of this problem. Why to agree those unwanted guests. Kick them away forever! Stay well and live well!

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