Things about Labor that every Pregnant women should know

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The aim of every pregnancy is; healthy mother and the healthy baby. Pregnancy lasts for 36-40 weeks, then delivery occurs. The stage of delivery is called ‘labor’, the pain felt that time is called labor pain. It is the most interesting and the end phase of pregnancy.

Human pregnancy is divided into three phases or three trimesters

  • 1st trimester is for 0-13 weeks
  • 2nd trimester is for 14-26 weeks
  • and 3rd trimester lasts for 27-40 weeks

36-40 weeks is considered as the peak moment. At this phase, delivery can occur any time; as per the due date recommended by the doctor. How a lady feels that now her body is ready for full-term delivery?

What can be the signs, that makes doctor recognize about the delivery? It is called ‘Labor’.

Labor is the period or something which is characterized by certain signs, making your body prepare for the delivery. According to medical science, labor is divided into 3 stages.

In every stage, certain progress occurs. Let us read about those stages in full detail.

Stages of Labor:

stages of labor
stages of labor

1st stage of Labor lasts for 12-19 hours. During this stage, little pain occurs which is not so much. The expected is at her home only. This phase is called active phase in which the cervix is dilated, making it wide enough for delivery.

2nd stage of Labor is for 2-5 hours. In this, your doctor will deliver the baby. First the head comes out, which is followed by the delivery of rest body. In this, doctor makes a small cut on vaginal opening to ease the delivery.

At last, the 3rd stage is characterized by the contractions by uterus, which results in removal of placenta and other residue.

This process is involved in normal delivery.

Now, we shall be telling you about the signs of Labor. How one can identify, whether it is the time to rush for hospital.

The thinking of labor makes everyone confused. Many question arises like, will I be able to detect labor, will it be comfortable enough to rush for hospital etc.

Don’t worry, here we are giving you some of the signs which are seen with the start of labor.

Signs of Labor:

Labor pain
Labor pain in pregnancy
  1. The first sign of labor appears, with the baby dropping in the lower part of pelvis. You will feel light on the upper part, and the breathlessness etc will also decrease. In this the crowing of baby, referring to the head will move to the down side of abdomen making it ready for birth.
  2. You will have regular and frequent contractions, as felt in periods.
  3. The breakage of water bag (amniotic sac), in which your baby stays will break. You will notice it by the leakage in vagina, it will be in small amounts of triggered leakage. It is the sign, that now you need to rush for hospital.
  4. There will be a discharge of ‘mucus plug’ from the cervix. It is like, the lubricant which was sealing your cervix, providing baby protection from any sort of infection or foreign substances. It may be yellowish or brownish in color
  5. Increased backache will be there. Generally, backache is very common in pregnancy and gets healed too. But if you notice increasing backache, with no reduction, especially in the 3rd trimester, it can be the sign of true labor.

These are the very common signs of labor. Many times, this thinking becomes a nightmare! Do you know, even if you are noticing these signs, you may not be getting ready for delivery. It is called False labor.

Now, we will be describing you what is true labor and false labor.

How to recognize a True labor and labor pain?

If your body is naturally ready and full prepared for the final term delivery, then these changes will be noticable-

  • Contractions getting heavier
  • the contraction pain will start from lower abdomen, and move through legs
  • Severe pain in the pelvic region

What one should do to reduce and control labor pain?

Women who had undergone proper exercises in pregnancy, suffer from very little or no discomfort while labor. Still, if you are feeling pain then there is no need to panic, it’s all natural!

  1. Distract yourself from the pain
  2. Keep eating and drinking, something light in regular intervals
  3. Try to rest and stay energetic

So, if you are also mom-to-be, then these are the very necessary points to remember. Just enjoy these moments, even the pain. All these will become a treasure for life.

Labor pain gets easier when you are knowing all the things related to it.

Hope you like the article, share it to all. If you have any doubt or question for this, then do ask. Have a happy pregnancy!

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