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10 Medicinal benefits of thorny plant; Prickly poppy

Around your backyards, gardens, roadsides, deserts etc you must have noticed a kind of thorny plant which bears flowers may be of yellow, red, blue or white in colour. Many of us rejects it...
sheesham leaves

5 Medicinal benefits of Sheesham tree you must know about

Sheesham tree is widely used in buildings and furniture. Apart from this, it has many more uses including medicinal benefits. Today our topic is on medicinal benefits of Sheesham tree. Sheesham is a self-grown...
Beautiful and big eyes

How to make your eyes beautiful and healthy naturally

Our eyes are considered as the window of the soul. We humans have one pair of eyes that makes us liable to gaze the colourful world. Just imagine life without sight; everywhere dark! Eyes...

Ayurvedic Treatment of Polycythemia Vera – Signs, Symptoms, Causes and Herbal Remedies

What is Polycythemia Vera? Polycythemia Vera is blood cancer. It actually begins in the bone marrow. In polycythemia Vera the bone marrow produces an abnormal number of red blood cells. This causes our blood to...