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kulthi dal

Surprising Health benefits of Kulthi dal for Urinary stones

Can you believe, just a simple dal/pulse can treat your urinary stones? Yes, it is proved and possible. Today we will be talking about 'kulthi dal' or horse gram or kulit dal.  It is...
Prickly heat rashes

5 Easy Home remedies to cure Heat Rashes naturally

Heat rashes also called 'ghamori' in Hindi is a kind of minor skin disorder, mostly noticed during summer season. These are the small rashes, reddish in color and pricking. To treat this, we opt...
Intestinal worms

Home remedies to treat Intestinal Worms

Worms inside body! Isn't it very frightening and hectic to believe. But its true, due to several factors worms such as tapeworms, hookworms etc develops in body. Those are called Intestinal parasites or Intestinal...