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Herbal treatment for a human problems

Peptic Ulcer or Stomach ulcer

Herbal Remedies to cure stomach disease- Peptic Ulcers

As per scientific calculation, 90% of all disease are caused due to deformity in stomach. If your stomach is fit and healthy, then your overall health will be good. Today we will be talking...

11 Signs of Prostate Enlargement & Herbal Remedies

The prostate gland is an exclusive male organ. It is about the size and shape of a walnut and is situated right before the place where urethra enters into the penis. The secretions of...
Hepatic disease liver cirrhosis

Herbal Remedies to cure Hepatic Disease- Liver Cirrhosis

Liver is the biggest gland in our body. It has numerous functions, which are compulsory for a fit and healthy body. Today we will be talking about a very serious hepatic disease, called Liver...

Boils on skin – Boils (Bal tod) causes and Treatment (painless methods)

It is our common thinking and practice that boils on skin or baltod , can only be treated when its white pus gets popped and by dressing it up. Here we are with a...