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Herbal treatment for a human problems

Diphtheria infection

Common things to know about Diphtheria and its herbal remedies

Diphtheria is a deadly infection, which has affected folks of Kerala, India. It is the very fresh news everywhere. Many of us recognize the disease as the simpler one, but it is not so...
Kidney failure

Kidney Failure Natural Remedies

Kidneys form an important part of our excretory system. These are essential for the proper functioning of the excretory system, which helps to remove all the unwanted waste materials from the body. The cases...
Massage oil

Homemade Massage oil to get rid of Skin Infections and Pains

It is the starting of monsoon, which brings several infections and body disorders with it. Today, we will be telling you about a simple remedy to beat all such infections, it is a massge...
Peptic Ulcer or Stomach ulcer

Herbal Remedies to cure stomach disease- Peptic Ulcers

As per scientific calculation, 90% of all disease are caused due to deformity in stomach. If your stomach is fit and healthy, then your overall health will be good. Today we will be talking...