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Aak Leaves

7 Miraculous Aak leaves benefits to treat Diabetes and Obesity

Aak leaves benefits: Diseases are liked by none and are good for nothing. Even when some suffer from any kind of disease, they don't like to get medicated with oral or injectable kind of...
ayurvedic herbs for pellegrini stieda syndrome treatment

Herbs for Pellegrini Stieda Syndrome Treatment

Pellegrini stieda syndrome is a medical problem which is characterized by pain, swelling and inflammation in the knee. This occurs due to the deposition of calcium on the inner side of the knee. This...
Large farms of Sugr Cane

Medicinal benefits of juicy stick: Sugar Cane

Fruits are regarded as one of the integral part of human's diet. These are one of the oldest forms of food known to man. In fact, Adam, the first man ate an apple; 'the...
Flowers of Thorn Apple or Dhatura

Thorn Apple: Plant towards a healthy and blissful life!

Thorn Apple; by the name one can guess that this can be can be a fruit with thorns. Actually, it's a herb plant which has multiple benefits and uses. It is believed that this...