Traditional Home remedies to fled away ailments

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India is known as the land of divine culture and heritage. It is the only place in the planet where you will get tradition and culture in every step. Many times, we consider those traditions and remedies told by grandparents as the; misconception and backwardness! But guys, this is not always true. Most of them are followed with a view of beneficence and for its remedial potency.

Here, our consider topic is on traditional home remedies which are meant to flew away diseases and ailments. Since from childhood, we have been told to do this that and many things. Even me, when I was a kid; I was surprised due to the customs and some seasonal practices all the time. I was not able to understand what can be the logic behind this. As we grow older and grasp knowledge, we come to know about those facts and the meanings behind them. That time, we use to pat our head and say with smile; O goodness, how unknown I was!

Well, following we will be telling you some of the traditional practice which has hidden numerous health benefits in it.

1. Milk Kheer abides Malaria

Milk kheer remedy
Milk kheer remedy

Malaria is a diseases spread by the vector host of Malaria. It is a kind of evergreen disease which can be spread in any part of the year, To cure this, doctors suggests for very heavy drugs which is very harmful for your kidneys and liver. None of us wants to be affected by such diseases. Think if there were some edibles or food stuffs, which could help to reduce the chances of Malaria! Yes, it’s not just a hope; it is true. There is a sweet dish called ‘Milk kheer’ which can really help to abide the disease.

How does milk kheer works to abide Malaria?

Today the world only believes in the fact which has a fit scientific belief in it. Many of you must be eager to know and must be guessing how just a simple milk kheer can help to eradicate Malaria. As we know, any type of disease and infection can’t arise till there is the bacteria or damp environment. When the environment turn bacterial then Malaria disease starts spreading in just for days. After rainy season, when there is the incoming of winters; this time the sky is free from dust and clouds. Before winters, sunrays are very harsh and strong.

The stagnant water in ditches and drains are the best places for the developments of mosquitoes; and there only the chance of Malaria increases. During this time, one should intake milk kheer approximately 5-7 times. It lowers the pitta balance and provides coolness to your body. To prepare kheer, use cow’s milk and ghee as much as possible. It simply turns the chances of Malaria to zero. This season don’t use dry fruits and saffron in the kheer; it increases the pitta. You can use silver, copper or earthen utensils; on the other hand plastic, steel and china clay utensils are same as the poison.

2. Green chutney eradicates Digestive troubles

Green Chutney
Green Chutney

In any Indian cuisine, green chutney made with coriander and mint is always there. It not only increases the taste of your food but is also rich in benefits. One of the best benefit is that it aids in digestive troubles. You ill observe those who intake coriander and mint on a daily basis, never suffers from problems like acidity, diarrhoea, constipation etc. These both green herbs are rich in chlorophyll, beta-carotene and other elements which are great to cure and prevent such problems. That is why our elders always prefer to have green chutney in lunch items.

3. Include radish and lemon in food to keep away IBS

Radish salad for IBS
Radish salad for IBS

IBS also called ‘Irritable Bowel Syndrome’ is one of the very brutal disease of intestines and digestive system. In this, the duodenum or the large intestines gets shrinked and collapsed due to which whole digestive process gets disturbed. It can also be inherited and can also be due to several other factors. Including radish and lemon in your diet can keep you prevented from the disease. In India, especially in the Punjabi culture people prefer to include these two veggies in the raw form.

In the advance stages of IBS, these both can also be the diet ingredients. Today when you are healthy, start including these two in diet and keep yourself free from such problems.

4. Horse gram cures Kidney stones

Horse gram benefits
Horse gram benefits

Kidneys comes under the primary category of our body organs. It is one of the important organs of our body as well as the excretory system. One who intake extra salt and overdose of spices; commonly suffers from the kidney stones. Today the most preferable treatment for kidney stones is surgical process; but as a fact surgical process is not to cleanse the stones for a permanent basis. You must have noticed, we Indians use a different type of pulses in which Horse gram which is also called ‘Kulthi ki dal’ is very common.

Being super-tasty is highly nutritious too. One who suffers from kidney stones and other kidney problems must include this gram in their diet. It dissolves the stones which is then trashed by the passage of urine. Kultihi ki dal is mostly prepared during winters and there is always a scientific reason behind such things.

Following such traditions, doesn’t show our foolishness, backwardness or illiterate status. It always has a perfect scientific belief in it. Guys, these are called traditional remedies. Always believe in your tradition, and it never does harm. Take care and live well!

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