Boils on skin – Boils (Bal tod) causes and Treatment (painless methods)

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It is our common thinking and practice that boils on skin or baltod , can only be treated when its white pus gets popped and by dressing it up. Here we are with a new and very easy home based remedy for Boils treatment to cure.

What are boils on skin?

Boils or Baltod, is a very common skin problem . When any tight hair follicle from body or broken due to any reason that area will turn red and over the period of four to seven days will begin to change colour, turning white and pus collected under the skin.

Generally boils are seen around the face, neck, armpits, shoulders, and buttocks. But they can form at any part of body.

Is it boils on skin dangerous?

boils on skin
Developing boils on skin

Boils are not dangerous, but is very painful and causes a lot of discomfort. Whenever you touch it or movement occurs on the area, it pains a lot.

Generally boils forms singularly but sometimes several boils can also form a group and it causes serious pain and immediate medical care, This group form of boils are called carbuncle.

What people do?

Commonly, in such cases we wait it to ripen. It is a misconception of ours, that baltod can only be treated when it pops out and white pus is removed fully.

The dressing process is very painful and is not liked.

What Causes Boils?

Staphylococcal bacteria germ caused boils on skin. This germ enters the body either through small cuts on the skin or by traveling down the hair to the follicle.

boils can be formed in anyone body, but patients with the following health problems are more susceptible to skin infections:

  • Diabetes
  • Poor immune system
  • Poor nutrition
  • If hygiene is Poor

What’s new about Boiled or Bal Tod?

Here we are with a very new treatment and a kind of discovery for baltod. Earlier, we used to go though doctors for the treatment. But now you can do it at home only.

In my self-experience and attempt to cure bal tod which proved to be correct and successful. Earlier I thought that baltod can only be treated with the dressing method.

Home remedy for Boils or Baltod

Let us what I found.

mustard oil for boils
  • You just need to take mustard oil cooked with garlic, cardamom and cloves.
  • Take it hot. Using a small spoon; put drops of hot oil directly on the tip of boil.
  • Check the temperature of oil, as per you can bear.
  • Put 3 to 4 drops and rub gently.
  • Repeat this daily.
  • In two or three days. You will notice that the boil is getting smaller and hence treated.

Conditions applied for the Boils treatment:

Following are the things, which are must for the successful treatment.

  • If several boils has formed a group on any part of body, Immediately contact doctors and Avoid this home remedy.
  • The boil should be very fresh, as like one or two days after eruption.
  • Make sure you don’t take any antibiotics or medicines for this.
  • Using colder or warm oil is useless, it is said ‘no pain, no gain’, so you should keep the oil little hot.

Dear reader, if you are also suffering from the same problem, then must give this home remedy a try. Share your experience with us and do share the blog to all. Take care and live well!

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