Herbal Medicine

Herbal treatment for a human problems

Homemade drink for Stomach cramps

Prepare your own drink to relieve Stomach cramps and Gases

Do you know that, stomach is the most delicate internal organs of your body.It even holds the most harsh and concentrated acid called HCL or Hydrochloric acid. Many times you will notice, stomach cramps...
garlic syrup

Prepare Garlic syrup which is 10 times more powerful than Penicillin

Penicillin which is a very known antibiotic to treat dreadful diseases like Cancer is failed now! Yes, today we will be telling you about a very natural remedy called 'Garlic syrup', which is even...
Natural body cleansing

Natural Body cleansing to get rid of Joint, neck and back pain

Pains and inflammations are liked by none. It makes us feel uncomfortable and is very irritating too. For the instant cure, we opt for painkillers and analgesics; which are good for none. Today we...
Reduce weight

Reduce Weight and bad Cholesterol with this Ayurvedic remedy

Heavy weight is liked by none. It not only looks bulge but is also an invitation for diseases and maladies! We try a lot to keep our body fit, but it becomes a big...